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Cybus Connectware


IoT solution for the automotive and construction industry

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Cybus Connectware is an IoT solution designed to help businesses in manufacturing, automotive, construction, transportation, energy, and other sectors with digital control of different processes for multiple machines such as quality management and anticipate maintenance.

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IoT solution for automotive and construction businesses

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INTRANAV.IO is an IoT solution designed to help businesses in automotive, construction, aviation, and other businesses deploy networked devices to record real-time data and optimize logistics and production processes. It enables teams to exchange data and manage various tasks such as vehicle localization, production tracking, and real-time route optimization.

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IXON Cloud


The next generation IIoT platform

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IIoT platform that provides businesses access to machines through remote access, data logging, analysis, alarms, API, and more.

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Production line monitoring software with smart ticketing

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IoTConnect is a smart production line monitoring software designed to help businesses predict machine failures using trained machine learning algorithms. It lets manufacturers connect multiple machines and product lines, acquire data from various disparate sources, and streamline edge analytics, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring.

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MIMIC Simulator


Solution for duplicating test labs or production networks

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MIMIC SNMP Simulator creates a scalable and dynamic test lab for testing, demo and training of network management and monitoring applications. It support SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 completely.

You can use MIMIC for your scalability, performance and features testing and demos.

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NetFront Agent


Edge computing tool for Internet of Things (IoT) gateways

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NetFront Agent is the edge computing software for the Internet of Things (IoT) gateways. It collects and processes data from sensors and is suitable for smart homes and industrial applications.

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Ormuco Edge


Fog computing, edge computing & decentralization PaaS tool

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Ormuco Edge is a PaaS and decentralization solution, which enables businesses to create, deploy & manage distributed systems as well as sell services from a centralized platform. The unified platform facilitates the management of multiple servers, CDN, Blockchain technology, data analytics, & more.

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Qliktag Platform


Internet of things (IoT) software to manage product data

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Qliktag Platform is a cloud-based internet of things (IoT) software that enables organizations to collect information on consumer product items through numerous scanning devices. Employees can use the application to assign a digital identity number to products or things.

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Predictive maintenance for AC motors & rotating equipment

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SAM4 is a smart predictive maintenance solution for critical AC motors and rotating equipment. Unlike traditional tools that use vibration sensors, SAM4 measures electrical waveforms from inside the MCC, creating a reliable, accurate, and easy to use predictive maintenance solution that scales.

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SAS Analytics for IoT


IoT analytics software with sensor-based data model

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SAS Analytics for IoT is a web-based IoT analytics software designed to help businesses across various industry verticals organize data and visually explore big data stores like Hadoop. It lets managers select data, which can be launched into dashboards, analytics, and reports that drive decision-making.

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Mobile maintenance management

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SOMAX CMMS is a mobile maintenance management system which helps enterprises streamline maintenance processes with inventory, asset & work management tools, plus preventive maintenance technology. SOMAX CMMS gives users flexibility with native iOS & Android apps for mobiles & tablets.

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Soprano Connect


Communication platform with messaging tools

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Add communication capabilities to IoT software and devices through quick and low-code integration with Soprano Connect. Our global CPaaS solution allows organizations to deliver and receive communications through trusted mobile channels.

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Business process automation software

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Integration and automate your business processes from shop to top floor. Start today lowering your transactional costs and driving your growth.

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Lighting Up IoT Connectivity

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Voyager is a platform recognized for its live IoT data dashboard, allowing for data connection determination, user identification, and view of current and past usage. You can also manage IoT hardware or sensors in the field, get alerts and notifications with location-based mapping and reporting.

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XpertRule Workflow Automation


Intelligent automation made simple

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Automation software that helps businesses leverage AI technology and intelligent automation tools to facilitate decision-making processes across the organization.

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Cloud platform for building automation and optimization

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aedifion is for building automation and primarily aimed at property operators, engineering offices, and energy system developers. The cloud-based platform offers various functions for users to optimize building operations, including automated analysis processes.

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Edge intelligence, workflow automation, data analysis

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azeti collects sensor and process data from industrial systems and makes it centrally available. The app can also process data in a graphic format. Information is transmitted in real-time and made immediately available for control and evaluation.

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Cybersecurity platform for detecting malware threats

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ijura is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that helps enterprises detect cyber threats such as malware attacks or phishing scams across internet of things (IoT) devices. Users can utilize the WiFi sniffing functionality to identify malware threats across wireless networks.

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