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Digital iD

Identity verification and AML checks for businesses

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Digital iD overview

What is Digital iD?

Australia Post Digital iD is a smartphone-enabled platform that allows businesses and consumers to transact with identity easily and securely. Digital iD can help businesses meet their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Know Your Customer (KYC) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance obligations by verifying customers who sign up to online services, apply for finance, or open online accounts.

Digital iD has a range of levels of assurance, depending on your business needs. Choose from name and address or date of birth checks against industry and Australia Post proprietary datasets to document verification against Australian issuer records, all the way to biometric matching and in-person verification.


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Digital iD™ – a simpler way to verify

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Digital iD features

Compliance Management
Real Time Data
Reporting & Statistics

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Activity Dashboard (204 other apps)
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Key features of Digital iD

  • Access control
  • Advanced encryption
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) compliance
  • Biometric facial matching
  • Customer verification
  • Document checks
  • Document upload and remote sighting
  • Document verification against Australian issuer records
  • Fraud detection
  • Identity verification
  • In-person verification
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  • Liveness testing
  • Multichannel experience
  • Name matching
  • Name, date of birth and/or address check
  • PEP screening
  • Pre-verification
  • Reusable ID
  • Reusable identity
  • Sanctions screening
  • Secure login
  • Watchlist screening
  • Watchlists
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• Verify the identity of your customers in real-time, and at the level of assurance you need.

• Help increase your conversion rates of new customers signing up to online accounts by making the identity verification step seamless for your customers.

• Meet your AML/KYC compliance obligations easily so you can be confident that you know who you’re dealing with.

• Allow customers who cannot, or chose not to verify online to verify their identity in person at a participating Post Office across Australia Post’s extensive retail network.

• Give customers the ability to save their verified identity into the Digital iD app to reuse anywhere else Digital iD is accepted.