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MediSked Connect logo

MediSked Connect


Centralize & Manage Information Across Your Provider Agency

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MediSked Connect centralizes and manages information in order to transform service delivery across provider agencies with simple modules for scheduling, billing, individual plans and outcomes, reporting, and documentation.

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QUALO Home Visiting logo

QUALO Home Visiting


Designed to streamline your workflow and simplify your data.

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QUALO Home Visiting guides home visitors through their workflow. This process facilitates the accurate gathering of data for:
- HRSA and MIECHV Reporting
- Funder and Local Implementing Agency (LIAs) Requirements
- Home Visiting Model Accreditation
- Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Projects

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MediSked Connect Exchange logo

MediSked Connect Exchange


Population health management platform

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MediSked Connect Exchange is a data repository + business intelligence and population health management platform

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CaseBook logo



Agency Management Software focusing on Foster and Adoption

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CaseBook is an agency management solution designed for foster care, adoption, and residential care facilities. CaseBook keeps track of all forms and case update in one place.

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Acuspire logo



AI-assisted job & resume banks for employment services

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Acuspire provides a cloud-based branded employment services platform for the purpose of managing private job and resume banks with AI search automation and reporting. We have served customers in the government, non-profit, and private sectors.

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SocialNote logo



Document LIKE A BOSS!

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SocialNote is a one-of-a-kind web application designed for School-Based Mental Health professionals to manage interactions with students and families. It offers various features such as electronic reporting, referral management, file storage, student risk assessment, and more.

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Vertex Case Management & Billing logo

Vertex Case Management & Billing


Case management & billing for U.S. social service agencies

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Vertex offers all the tools social service agencies in the United States need to automate paper case management files. Eliminate the laborious, time-consuming manual recordkeeping that keeps staff from delivering billable services.

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QUALO Healthy Pathways logo

QUALO Healthy Pathways


Comprehensive risk mitigation for COVID-19

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QUALO Healthy Pathways offers a unique combination of data collection, alerting, user classification and reporting to promote health, efficiency and safety in the workplace, schools, and the community. Trace contacts, monitor symptoms, report testing results and report and track vaccination status!

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MediSked Coordinate logo

MediSked Coordinate


Care management software

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Centralize care management tasks from the assessment through planning, service authorization, record management, and documentation.

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CSM/MH -- Mental Health logo

CSM/MH -- Mental Health


On-premise & cloud-based patient case management software

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CSM/MH -- Mental Health is an on-premise and cloud-based patient case management software designed to help therapists and medical practitioner handle clients, events, billing, documents, data security, and more from within a unified platform. Teams can communicate with colleagues via messages, reassign cases or assignments and use wizards to create questionnaires for consent, evaluation, and data collection processes.

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SmarterSoft logo



Cloud-based social work case and client data management tool

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SmarterSoft is a highly-flexible case and client data management solution for nonprofits (NFPs) and government institutions. It is tailored to fit users' exact needs.

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imPowr logo



Helping organizations serve at-risk & vulnerable populations

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imPowr is an enterprise software solution for managed care & community-based organizations that focus on providing solutions & resources for serving at-risk & vulnerable populations. The software aggregates data into a single harmonized database & provides tools to support those services.

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