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Whil is a digital well-being training solution for organizations of all sizes, designed to help employees reduce stress levels in the workplace. The solution can also be used by schools to improve the academic performance of students by training them to develop emotional intelligence. Whil can be accessed on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets by downloading the native mobile app available for Android and iOS platforms.

Whil offers mindfulness training to employees by combining data insights and meditation techniques. These techniques enable users to increase concentration and stay positive. Whil offers an audio and video training library and each session of the training deals with two key topics. The mindfulness training helps in improving employee's wellness and emotional intelligence.

Whil also allows schools to set training goals and sessions for their students. These goals can be tracked on a regular basis to improve health, performance, sleep, and relationships. The solution also offers dashboard and reporting features that help schools to check population engagement, achievements, health habits, learning, and productivity gains.

Whil's goal-based training techniques help individuals form healthy habits. The software helps people set goals to deal with sleep disorders such as insomnia by creating a bedtime routine. Goals for relationships, performance, and health can also be created using the software, helping users to kick bad habits. Whil also offers a HIPPA compliant dashboard that tracks community progress on a regular basis.


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Key features of Whil

  • Training management
  • Video support
  • Feedback management
  • Content library
  • Goal management
  • Goal setting / tracking
  • Activity dashboard
  • Performance support
  • Productivity reporting
  • Customizable reporting
  • Milestone tracking
  • ROI analytics
  • Mobile integration
  • On-demand webcasting
  • Search functionality
  • Progress tracking
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Engagement analytics
  • Learning management
  • Development tracking
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• Whil allows administrators to create personalized training programs for different user groups to manage their corporate wellness program.

• The solution provides multiple mindfulness training sessions along with video recaps as well as a dashboard feature to track the participation of training programs.

• Whil offers yoga practice sessions at three levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced - to help employees, students, and individuals improve their mental and physical strength.

• The solution lets users send requests for the addition of new sessions to their training library.

• Whil ensures user data confidentiality by allowing employees to share their training session details with the employer without disclosing their personal problems.