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Collection management for zoos & aquariums

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Tracks overview

Tracks is a collection management software for zoos and aquariums which enables staff to track and manage animal records including animal health, husbandry, inventory, training, lab data, and more, from a single, centralized platform. A mobile-friendly version gives users the flexibility to record animal observations, evaluate enrichment or training sessions, and submit water quality requests on the go, via mobile devices.

Tracks provides users with the tools to plan, create, track and analyze animal enrichment data, as well as manage animal healthcare and husbandry. Users have quick access to vet journals, medical cases, prescriptions, anesthesia, and nutrition information for both individuals and groups of animals, and can monitor health issues and progress all from the same location. The mobile-friendly version of Tracks enables vets to create new records and reference data on-location as they make their rounds. Tracks also helps track and assess husbandry practices, giving users access to data such as moves, measurements, husbandry notes, enclosure data, training, feeding, and more.

Tracks is designed to help users manage animal records with wizards, custom defaults and batch processing tools. Users can attach files to animal records, view offspring/mate summaries and manage complicated parent data, pedigree charts, reproductive histories, and more. Tracks enables users to create, update and manage training plans, then assess progress with training graphs. To help quantify animal wellbeing, Tracks allows users to create, manage and customize a variety of assessment protocols with weighted scorings. Users can manage collection plans by animal collection, department or enclosure, and integrate collection plans with animal acquisition and disposition features.

With Tracks, users can build diet plans for their animals, and track specific items fed, nutritional goals, and calories consumed. Pre-configured diet plans serve to enhance day-to-day record keeping. Scheduling tools allow users to manage their ambassador animals and education program schedules, while an integrated check-in/check-out system enables users to register ambassador animals via touch screen devices. Other Tracks features include egg logging, permit tracking, and lab test management, plus reporting, rescue and research management, water quality management, and more.


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Tracks screenshot: Staff can access medical records for individuals and groups via mobile and tablet devicesDo more with your animal dataTracks screenshot: Search and find data for a single animal or the entire groupTracks screenshot: Customize Tracks to work seamlessly with the aquarium or zoo's day-to-day operations by customizing data security and approval processesTracks screenshot: Create, update and manage training plans, from idea to implementationTracks screenshot: Create and manage a variety of scored assessment protocols, to help support decision-makingTracks screenshot: Create and fulfil diet plans within Tracks, and track specific items fed, nutritional goals, and calories consumedTracks screenshot: Reference a lifetime of data for any animal, including egg information

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75 or more FTE equivalents: $18,250/year
Fewer than 75 FTE equivalents: $10,500/year
Fewer than 30 FTE equivalents:$6,000/year
Fewer than 15 FTE equivalents: $3,000/year

Tracks features

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Additional information for Tracks

Key features of Tracks

  • Animal records management
  • Feed management
  • Goal management
  • Enrichment program workflows
  • Approval process control
  • Data entry forms
  • Enrichment session rating
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Vet journals
  • Progress tracking
  • Electronic prescription compliance
  • Anesthesia session rating, reference & comparison
  • Medical alerts
  • Health issue & quarantine monitoring
  • Controlled drugs monitoring
  • Image, document & file attachments
  • Medical activity tracking
  • Training plans management
  • Diet management
  • Data entry configuration management
  • Communication management
  • Husbandry tracking
  • Access control
  • Data visualization
  • Enclosure data management
  • Offspring & mate summaries
  • Parent data management
  • Custom defaults for various acquisition types
  • Batch processing
  • Group event records
  • Data validation
  • Data security customization
  • Training graphs
  • Scored assessments
  • Collections plan management
  • Animal collection planning tools
  • Transactions management
  • Ambassador animals & education programs management
  • Ambassador animal scheduling management
  • Animal request wizard
  • Animal check-in/check-out
  • Staff management
  • Volunteer management
  • Individual or batch eggs management
  • Role management
  • Assignment management
  • Medical records management
  • Water quality graph
  • Group population management
  • Batch events
  • Collecting permits & transactions tracking
  • Trigger & message automation
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Task management
  • Task scheduling
  • Custom dashboard
  • Customization tools
  • Customized record templates
  • Lab data management
  • Automated lab test requests
  • Lab labels
  • Sample management
  • Lab data import
  • Lab comparison tools
  • Query tool
  • Attachment tagging
  • Permit management
  • Custom prescription labels
  • Data filtering
  • Custom report filters
  • Collaboration tools
  • Rescue data tracking
  • Data feed API
  • Content management
  • Enclosure maintenance history tracking
  • Water quality trend analysis
  • Animal enrichment history
  • Drug usage reports & controlled substance logs
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Tracks supports a Data Feed API which enables users to display information and images on digital signs, websites, social media, mobile apps, and more, for outreach purposes.

Gain insight into animal data with Tracks’ reporting capabilities, and use custom queries to generate any type of report.

A mobile-friendly version allows users to access important medical, husbandry, and aquarium information, as well as write prescriptions and submit water quality requests on the go, via tablets or smartphones.

Create and fulfil diet plans, and track specific items fed, nutritional goals and calories consumed, all from a central location.

Manage ambassador animals and education programs with scheduling tools and an integrated check-in/check-out system.