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Obzervr Capture logo

Obzervr Capture


Mobile-based field management application

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Obzervr Capture is a mobile-based field management application, which assists organizations across oil and gas, mining, and renewables industries with mobile workforce automation, field resource planning and work allocation.

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Metallurgical accounting management system

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INVENTEO is an off-the-shelf metallurgical accounting software, requiring no specific development, only configuration. It enables mining and metals plants to switch from spreadsheets or database-driven solution to an efficient production and inventory solution.

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IntegratORE logo



Mining & minerals software

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IntegratORE serves as a digital window where users can discover the complete suite of automated mining solutions best suitable to miners, enterprise miners, state administration and regulatory authorities.

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Web-based 3D visual solution

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VEERUM's industrial digital twin combines all CAD, geospatial, document management, IoT, and operational systems into a single, 3D visual, web-based interface for energy, mining, and utilities providing clients with significant cost and time savings for complex physical asset operations and maintenance.

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Pandell LandWorks logo

Pandell LandWorks


Manage Land Assets & Right of Way

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Pandell LandWorks is a land management and GIS solution that helps enterprises in oil & gas, mining, renewable energy, and utilities sectors manage land assets. Visualize your land assets on an interactive map, easily search and report, and achieve better data integrity.

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