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Rapid Bev POS logo

Rapid Bev POS


Streamlining operations for liquor stores

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Rapid Bev POS is a versatile software solution designed to streamline operations and optimize performance for liquor stores, wineries, and beverage retail businesses. This user-friendly software integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems, offering a range of essential features to enhance efficiency and drive success.

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vinSUITE logo



Point of Sale and eCommerce management for winery businesses

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vinSUITE is an online POS suite for wineries, bundling sales handling with eCommerce, CRM and marketing, website design, wine club management, and reporting

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BlackBoxx logo



Direct selling platform for wineries

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BlackBoxx is a cloud-based direct selling software designed to help wineries manage workflow processes, client subscriptions, inventory, customer preferences, and more via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to manage one-time orders, recurring subscriptions, email lead generation activities, event tickets, gift orders, and other types of sales.

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Crafted ERP logo

Crafted ERP


We're Crafted. Not cobbled.

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Built on the cloud-based Oracle NetSuite, Crafted ERP is an all-in-one operations management solution that grows with your business. Offering organizational efficiencies, end-to-end business transparency and real-time data, Crafted ERP gives your business a competitive edge like never before.

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TeraVina logo



Oztera offers TeraVina to serve the wine industry.

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TeraVina is an ERP Solution for Wineries, and Vineyards, built on Microsoft Dynamics. It manages all of the complex processes in winemaking and all the finance and sales without the extensive data entry you would think. Nothing but clear business insight, we can drink to that.

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Margin Minder logo

Margin Minder


Analytical Business Solution built for Consumer Goods

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Analytical solution that helps gives clear visibility into sales, revenue, costs, margins, inventory, and more to drive better decisions to continually create greater value for your business.

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iDErp logo



ERP software to manage, monitor, and plan alcohol production

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iDErp is an ERP dedicated to companies specializing in the production of alcohol, particularly wine. The tool focuses on labeling, storage, and sales of bottles. Further, it can process data from wines in production.

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Wine Organizer logo

Wine Organizer


Information management software for wine clubs

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Wine Organizer is a complete inventory management system designed specifically for wine lovers. It helps you keep track of wine collection by remembering all the details about each bottle.

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360viti logo



A solution to retrieve and read vineyard data

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360viti is a solution that retrieves and analyzes data related to vineyards in order to better manage their viticultural activity. To do this, 360viti can connect to data collection devices, such as weather stations, to gather all the information to be taken into account.

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An app to manage commercial activities involved in wine sale

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Dionys software specializes in the management of cooperative wineries. Its main function is to catalog wines, including stored wines and sale items. A card makes it possible to identify each bottle by using variables, such as the appellation, vintage, or packaging.

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Terraview logo



SaaS OS for wineries

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Terraview is a Climate SaaS OS providing intelligence and certainty to wineries. It is helping them with production, distribution and capital needs for the next decade.

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Perfect Venue logo

Perfect Venue


Easily organize your events in one place.

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Perfect Venue is an event management solution that can organize all event tasks in one place. Our customers save 12 hours/week and increase sales by 45% or more on average.

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CardFree logo



The original Full Stack Restaurant Solution

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CardFree provides digital order, pay, and loyalty solutions for restaurants, hospitality, and retail businesses seamlessly integrated with leading POS systems and processors. Our products, including Ordering for web and mobile, Order@Table + Pay@Table, Text-To-Pay, Pay@Drive-Thru, EMV Plus, self-service kiosks, loyalty programs, and hotel order-to-room, power the full hospitality ecosystem, both on and off-premise.

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