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API for creating PDF and XLS files

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DocRaptor overview

DocRaptor is a document conversion API that converts HTML to PDF and Excel format. The API relies on HTTP POST requests to generate PDF and XLS files, and can be used with a wide variety of coding languages. DocRaptor’s document conversion engine understands the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with PDF support for multiple styling and formatting features.

The API is built with web standards, enabling anything that works in a browser to work in DocRaptor including HTML, CSS, XML, SVG, and JavaScript. The platform handles any custom font available via the web, and can manage advanced typography styling such as kerning, ligatures, or small caps. Support for advanced layouts allow users to insert headers and footers, page numbers, footnotes and cross-references, as well as tables, lists, columns, or floats.

DocRaptor also supports features such as pagination, table of contents (i.e. for a PDF eBook), internal links and watermarking, as well as XLS support for worksheets, styling, and formatting. All documents can be secured with passwords, encryption, and metadata.

DocRaptor works with any code language and includes documentation with full coding examples for for creating PDF and Excel files using C#, Curl, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, Node, PHP, Python, Rails, and Ruby. Wrappers and libraries are also available for various languages.


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DocRaptor screenshot: View doc creation stats via the usage dashboardDocRaptor screenshot: The document log provides a list of converted documents and their detailsDocRaptor screenshot: View documentation and code examples for a perfectly styled PDFDocRaptor screenshot: The document conversion engine understands the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScriptDocRaptor screenshot: DocRaptor comes with PDF support for features like pagination, page numbers, tables of contents, and internal links, and XLS support for worksheets, styling, and formattingDocRaptor screenshot: Use DocRaptor to generate eBooks on the fly including watermarking, internal links, and more

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All plans include unlimited overage documents (at the plan's per-document price). DocRaptor does not reject documents for being over a plan document limit.

Basic: $15/month, 125 documents
Professional: $29/month, 325 documents
Premium: $75/month, 1,250 documents
Max: $149 /month, 5,000 documents
Bronze: $399/month, 15,000 documents
Silver: $1000/month, 40,000 documents
Gold: $2250/month, 100,000 documents
Enterprise: contact DocRaptor

DocRaptor features

Activity Dashboard
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SSL Security

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Application Integration (69 other apps)
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Additional information for DocRaptor

Key features of DocRaptor

  • Rapid programming
  • Collaboration
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Code assistance
  • Watermarking
  • Table of contents (eBooks)
  • eBooks
  • Document security (passwords, encryption, metadata)
  • PDF footer
  • CSS3
  • SVG embed
  • Full bleed
  • PDF invoice
  • PDF rendering
  • Custom fonts & typography
  • Advanced layout
  • Headers & footers
  • Page numbers
  • Tables, lists, columns, floats
  • Footnotes, cross-references
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DocRaptor uses Prince XML for PDF generation for high quality documents.

The platform is built with web standards for conversions using HTML, CSS, XML, SVG, JavaScript.

DocRaptor handles any custom font available via the web, and enables advanced typography styles including kerning, ligatures, and small caps.

Advanced layout features allow documents to contain headers and footers, page numbers, footnotes and cross-references, as well as tables, lists, columns, and floats.

DocRaptor provides full coding examples for generating PDF and XML files using C#, Java, jQuery, PHP, Ruby and more.