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Best Cloud Management Software for Windows

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Cherry Servers


Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

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We offer cloud Infrastructure as a service that is built on an open cloud platform and gives you full control, flexible billing and increased security.

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SysKit Trace


Centralized solution for tracking Office 365 settings

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SysKit Trace is a cloud management software designed to help enterprises document, track, and trace changes across Office 365 settings. Administrators can create snapshots of configured settings at multiple time frames and compare them to detect unplanned or accidental changes.

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Certero for Cloud


View, manage & optimize Multi-Cloud IaaS, PaaS, AWS & Azure

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Certero for Cloud helps organizations extend their IT Asset Management control to Cloud and SaaS.
Protect against the growing risks of uncontrolled proliferation, unexpected costs and inefficient use of Cloud resources.
Identify & eliminate wasted assets.
Maintain Information security & governance.

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FlexPrem SD-WAN


SD-WAN platform with multiple routing algorithms

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FlexPrem SD-WAN is a network security solution designed to help businesses streamline software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) processes using patented technology. The system utilizes algorithms to perform testing across WAN links and route application traffic to specific connections.

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All Your Apps. Instantly Available.

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Rubrik brings instant application availability to hybrid cloud enterprises for recovery, search, cloud, & development. See what Rubrik can do for you!

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Cloud-Scale Monitoring Platform For Metrics, Traces, & Logs

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Monitor your cloud applications’ performance and usage with Datadog’s real-time dashboards, searchable structured event data, and metric alerts.

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Splunk Enterprise


Machine data management and analytics

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Splunk Enterprise is a cloud-based platform designed to assist businesses with big data management and analysis of machine data. Key features include data visualization, performance metrics, data collection, real-time search, indexing, KPI tracking, reporting, and monitoring.

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Cloud management tool to monitor Azure Serverless computing

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Serverless360 is one enterprise standard platform that can serve as your powerful Azure support tool.

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Network Performance Monitor


Powerful, Affordable IT Management Software

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring software makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. It delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance.

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Time, billing, expense, payment, and project mgmt software

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BigTime is the access-anywhere operating system behind the greatest professional services teams on the planet. See how we help your project-driven firm track & bill its most important asset: time. BigTime can help you take the guesswork out of utilization, capacity planning, and revenue projections.

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Threat prevention & endpoint detection and response software

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Syxsense is an endpoint security software designed to help SecOps departments, managed service providers (MSPs), and IT professionals maintain threat prevention through authorization scanning, third-party patching, communication blocking from infected devices, and continuous collaboration.

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K3 by BroadPeak


Low Code Enterprise Integration & ETL

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Brilliant Data Plumbing. Streaming ETL. User Friendly Hybrid Integration

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Continuous measurement of IT performance and security

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ServicePilot is a high-performance monitoring software solution providing full-stack observability via metrics, traces, and logs. Businesses can collect data from IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and security services to streamline issue resolution.

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Google Cloud Platform


Modular platform for computing, hosting, storage & more

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Google Cloud Platform is a modular-based platform providing multiple build and scale services to businesses of any size within any industry. It offers tools for document storage, data warehousing, security key enforcement, app creation, API management, AI and machine learning, live chat, and more.

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Anypoint Platform


The complete platform for SOA, SaaS integration & APIs

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CloudHub providing a fully-managed, multi-tenanted, globally available, secure and highly available cloud platform for integration and APIs.

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New Relic One


Performance testing and monitoring

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New Relic One is the all-in-one web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. It provides code-level diagnostics for production apps deployed on several infrastructures. It has a SaaS platform that enables its partners to build plugins using open API's.

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We Connect You Grow

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Automate Your Business with Integration

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Cleo Integration Cloud


Secure Integration and Data Movement Platform

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Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) is a cloud-based integration platform, purpose-built to design, build, operate and optimize critical ecosystem integration processes.

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Turning Sight Into Vistion

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At LogicMonitor®, we expand what’s possible for enterprises and MSPs through infrastructure monitoring and observability built for the modern age. LogicMonitor seamlessly monitors everything from networks to applications to the cloud.

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Cloud platform for data integration, backup & management

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Integrate cloud, on premise and flat data with no coding. Load data between sources directly, sync them, replicate to DWH to start getting valuable insights.

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Infrastructure & application monitoring software

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Checkmk provides in-depth insights into the health and performance of your cloud infrastructure and allows IT adminstrators to create custom dashboards to monitor all nodes, servers and hosts.

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Better Integrations through Intelligent Automations

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Workato connects your apps and automate your business. Enable powerful business workflows and push data across apps - with conditional filters, sans duplicates.

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Machine data analytics based on ELK and Grafana

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Unified platform for monitoring, troubleshooting and security based on ELK and Grafana.

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Abacus Private Cloud


Purpose-built, private cloud for legal and accounting firms

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Access your business, securely with a purpose-built and compliant workspace, dramatically reducing IT management burdens and costs, while increasing your organization's teamwork and productivity.

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All-in-one performance monitoring tool for DevOps and IT

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Site24x7 provides a comprehensive view on the performance of cloud services in AWS, Azure, and GCP environments. We support monitoring of 30+ AWS integrations, 100+ Azure resources, and more than ten GCP services.

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