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Argyle logo



Simply powerful payroll connections

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Argyle is the leading payroll connectivity platform-as-a-service. Access 170+ fields of real-time income & employment data for less. Optimized for conversion and built to scale, Argyle delivers hit rates 2-5x higher than alternatives, 99.9% uptime, and 8 million API calls per day.

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Jira logo



Project & Issue Tracking Software - See why we're #1!

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JIRA is the tracker for teams planning & building great products. Millions choose JIRA to capture & organize issues, assign work, & follow team activity.

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Microsoft Azure logo

Microsoft Azure


Desktop virtualization platform to enable remote access

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform designed to help organizations run virtual desktops and applications in the cloud. It offers businesses with built-in migration tools, which enables administrators to migrate remote desktop services (RDS) and Windows server desktops to various devices.

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Anypoint Platform logo

Anypoint Platform


The complete platform for SOA, SaaS integration & APIs

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Anypoint Platform is a unified, flexible integration platform that solves the most challenging connectivity problems. It allows businesses to realize business transformation through API-led connectivity in a lightweight way.

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OutSystems logo



The #1 Low-Code Platform®

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OutSystems low-code rapid application development platform. Build powerful apps fast, change them even faster.

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Codenvy logo



On-Demand Developer Workspaces with a built in cloud IDE.

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Codenvy allows anyone to contribute to a development project at anytime without having to install software.

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Heroku logo



Container-based PaaS to build, deliver, monitor & scale apps

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Heroku is a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) designed for developers and teams to build, deliver, monitor, and scale modern apps. Heroku offers integrated tools, services, and workflows to help organizations of all sizes to maximize individual and team productivity, and deliver apps more quickly.

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Open DevOps logo

Open DevOps


Open DevOps is mission control for your DevOps toolchain.

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Atlassian Open DevOps is mission control for your DevOps toolchain, providing flexibility of a custom toolchain with the coordination of an all-in-one.

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Quickbase logo



No-code collaborative work and project management platform.

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Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems.

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Boomi logo



Cloud integration platform

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Boomi is a 100% native cloud integration platform. Allowing organizations to automate business processes and build the connected business in a drag-and-drop interface with no coding required.

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PrestaShop logo



PrestaShop is the leading open-source ecommerce solution.

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With nearly 300,000 sites already using its software across the globe, PrestaShop is the leading open-source ecommerce solution in Europe and Latin America.

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Salesforce Platform logo

Salesforce Platform


Develop enterprise & customer-facing apps

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Salesforce App Cloud allows users to build and deliver applications in the cloud without requiring the maintenance of hardware and software infrastructures

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kintone logo



Agile, No-code Business Application Platform

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Build business applications and database apps quickly and easily. No-coding required.

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Zoho Creator logo

Zoho Creator


An all-in-one Low-Code Application Development Software.

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Zoho Creator is a low-code PaaS that allows you to build web and mobile applications that automates your business workflows.

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AWS Lambda logo

AWS Lambda


Serverless computing and application development platform

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AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform that helps businesses run codes based on triggered events and facilitate application development processes. Supervisors can add custom logic to AWS resources, upload codes, create functions, and select memory, timeout period, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role according to requirements.

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Velneo logo



Build any kind of business applications.

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Build any business management application with Low-Code, you have the power to create your application alone or together with us, all in one place.

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Kasm Workspaces logo

Kasm Workspaces


The Container Streaming Platform.

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Kasm Workspaces is a container streaming PaaS for delivering browser, desktop and application workloads to the web browser. Kasm is changing the way that businesses deliver digital workspaces using our open-source web-native container streaming technology to stream services to your browser.

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X-Cart logo



Enterprise eCommerce platform for rapid business growth.

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X-Cart is an all-in-one eCommerce solution. It is customisable and gives full admin control over your website. Seamless integrations with global and local shipping, accounting, payment systems and CRMs, Wordpress, etc. Hundreds of addons in the App Store, zero transaction fees.

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SAP HANA Cloud logo



Cloud-based application development and runtime environment

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Cloud-based application development tools with database building and on premise systems integration allowing rapid development and deployment of applications

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Vercel logo



Develop. Preview. Ship.

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Vercel combines the best developer experience with an obsessive focus on end-user performance. This allows frontend teams to do their best work by combining the best developer experience with an obsessive focus on end-user performance.

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TrackVia logo



Build Apps Crazy Fast, Without Code.

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TrackVia helps IT and business users turn manual processes or spreadsheets into web and mobile apps fast and with no complex coding.

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IBM Cloud logo

IBM Cloud


Cloud infrastructure management software

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IBM Cloud is a cloud infrastructure management software that helps businesses manage applications and data across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Administrators can utilize routers, firewalls, VPN tunnels, and load balancers to handle networks across the organization.

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Mendix logo



Go make it.

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With Mendix's platform as a service (PaaS), you can deliver better digital solutions and custom web and mobile applications in a faster timeframe.

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Cyclr logo



Embedded integration platform for SaaS

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Cyclr is an embedded integration platform (embedded IPaaS) for SaaS applications, giving developers an API connectivity solution for their application's users.

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Keto logo



Business process and project management software

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Keto is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses establish automated workflows and manage innovations, projects, teams, tasks, risks, resources, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes customizable data models, which let organizations configure data processing architecture to handle functions related to data filtering, project log dairy, attachment behavior, access rights, and portfolios views.

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