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Upchain PLM


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

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Upchain is a cloud PDM and PLM solution for engineers, designers, and business stakeholders who need to collaborate across complex manufacturing processes, across the value chain.

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Data and process management for manufacturing firms

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Activault is a cloud-based data and process management solution which assists small to medium sized businesses with product documentation. Its key features include version control, status tracking, role-based access, testing management, licensing and data backup.

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Actify Centro


Product data management software for manufacturers

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Actify Centro is a product data management (PDM) solution that aims to help manufacturers improve enterprise data discovery as well as manage product data, resources, and information. Key features include a centralized catalog repository, metadata search tools, and a 3D CAD viewer.

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eCommerce automation ERP integration courier integration

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FamShop is an eCommerce solution that is designed to help businesses automate invoice and AWB generation and price and stock synchronization on a centralized platform.

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GAIN collaboration


Product data management system for CAD programs

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GAIN Collaboration is a product data management software for the administration of CAD and other data files. The focus is primarily on graphics in the industrial sector. All necessary steps from conception to production are recorded and managed within the program.

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Product content syndication platform for brands & retailers

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OneSpace is a cloud-based merchandising platform that helps brands optimize, centralize, and publish product content to enhance brand positioning. Key features include search engine optimization, keyword research, information management, collaboration, filtered search, and image editing.

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Configuration management tool with product status tracking

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PDMPlus is a product data management software designed to help businesses compose, reconcile, track, and report on the configuration status of long-life products, networks, assemblies, systems, and other assets deployed across various remote locations.

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MRM platform for managing marketing campaigns & publications

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Pimalion is a cloud-based MRM (Marketing Resource Management) platform designed to help enterprises manage content and streamline marketing operations. With the marketing planner, users can create campaigns and analyze operational performance through dashboards.

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Product data & catalog management platform for B2B & B2C

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SolidPepper is a product information management (PIM) software that enables eCommerce industries of all types to manage product information, enrich catalog descriptions with pictures and videos (DAM), and automatically generate designs for paper catalogs using the Adobe InDesign plug-in.

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