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Best Electronic Discovery Software for Windows

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Powerfully simple software for modern legal teams

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Logikcull makes eDiscovery simple and less expensive. Logikcull is web-based and very easy to use. Litigation is much easier and affordable with Logikcull

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Real-time Discovery Search

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Onna centralizes data from your favorite apps to deliver a connected enterprise, supercharged with machine learning and unified search – all in one place.

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ArcTitan Email Archiving


Secure Email Archiving. Compliant, Fast, Secure & Office365

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An email archiving product allowing users to securely archive your business emails and simply retrieve these emails. ArcTitan is compliant, very fast, secure and office365 friendly.

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Smart, cloud-based ediscovery software with NO data fees.

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Nextpoint is smart software that automates ediscovery projects for teams of every size. SINGLE PROJECT PLANS: Free, unlimited data uploads, processing, hosting, and productions. Begin document review in minutes with powerful data analytics tools and collaborative access from anywhere.

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Digital WarRoom


eDiscovery tool for attorneys & law firms

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Digital WarRoom is an electronic discovery platform designed to help law firms process, review and produce documents. Digital WarRoom allows users to create and archive information about cases in portable formats.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled eDiscovery software

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Reveal is an eDiscovery software designed to help businesses sort, find, and securely store electronic data to facilitate legal case proceedings. It enables employees to gain actionable insights from structured and unstructured data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology.

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Email archiving and indexing for eDiscovery and compliance

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MailMeter helps organizations manage email archiving, indexing, retrieval, eDiscovery, and more via a unified dashboard. Search capabilities in the platform enable enterprises to investigate sent or received emails by email address, domain, custom search terms, data range, attachments, and more.

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Cloud-based Simplified eDiscovery Automation

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Cloud-based eDiscovery automation software that simplifies litigation, investigations, and audits for legal and business professionals.

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Cloud-based eDiscovery software for data analysis & review

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Relativity is an electronic discovery platform for managing large volumes of data and identifying key issues across areas of litigation, investigations and more

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Lexbe eDiscovery Platform


Litigation management and electronic discovery for law firms

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Lightning fast, highly affordable and secure cloud-based eDiscovery trusted by more than 4000 eDiscovery professionals.

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eDiscovery platform for auditors, investigators & legal team

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Intella is an eDiscovery platform designed to help investigators, auditors, government agencies, banks, and enterprises organize, search, visualize and assess collected evidence or data. Managed service providers (MSPs) can review and manage email conversations, import or export load files and view shared case information across multiple devices.

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Email examination & digital forensics analysis tool

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MailXaminer is an email forensics and examination tool for law enforcement units, legal advisors and consultants, and cyber crime investigation experts designed for in-depth analysis of email files. Recover, read & analyze various facets of emails with support for both web & desktop email clients.

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eDiscovery solution for use in investigations & subpoenas

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eZReview is an eDiscovery solution designed to help corporations, government agencies and law firms manage investigations, discovery requests, and subpoenas. The centralized platform includes modules for data processing, case assessment, knowledge management, document review, & workflow management.

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Enterprise File Archive


Electronic file discovery & storage management platform

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Enterprise File Archive, by MessageSolution, is an automated solution which helps firms of all sizes manage electronic discovery & file archiving & storage, in compliance with GDPR regulations. The platform allows users to streamline eDiscovery across multiple file & email systems.

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Digital forensics platform for processing evidence

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E3:Universal is an on-premise platform designed to help professionals, investigators, and businesses in the public sector process, search, parse, review and report on evidence across mobile devices, computers, cloud data, email conversations, operating systems, and more. Its E3:Viewer platform lets enterprises access reports to gain insights into message lists, malware scan results, data investigations, and installed applications, among other metrics.

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