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Cloud-based live streaming software for events & conferences

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Live streaming platform that makes it possible for live content creation teams to edit and distribute videos, analyze and visualize their audience.

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Turn Browsing Into Buying

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StoryTap helps you collect, curate, and distribute authentic video experiences at scale to drive awareness, engagement, and sales.

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Voicely is a cloud-based app which produces realistic VOs

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Voicely is a cloud-based app which produces human sounding voice-over from your text.

Voicely allows you to change the Voice Type, Pitch, & Speed as well as add professional background music to give more depth and excitement to your voice-over. This, of course, is completely optional.

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Zype is the all-in-one video distribution and management hub

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Zype is an integrated video distribution platform for OTT, web, social, mobile, CTV, and more. Our all-in-one video infrastructure optimizes the management and distribution of your video across every channel and platform.

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Cloud-based marketing platform for social media and TV ads

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Brandzooka helps agencies, businesses, and franchises create, launch, and manage video advertisement campaigns across various online platforms like Facebook, MediaMath, YouTube, Adobe, and more. It lets users engage with the audience on TV and other digital channels using multimedia advertisements.

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Capté, the easiest way to improve your videos, the simpliest

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Capté is an online web application that allows you to add subtitles instantly and automatically. Capté makes subtitling easier and faster. Capté uses speech recognition to transcribe audio into subtitles. Subtitling becomes a breeze.

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The Visual Intelligence Company

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Get more from your marketing and customer videos. AnyClip's visual intelligence helps you streamline video management, automatically place videos on the most relevant pages, and create engaging, shoppable experiences and interactive CTAs.

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Online video hosting software for sales & marketing teams

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Qiwio is a video hosting platform designed to help sales and marketing teams generate inbound leads, manage sales, and create customer journey maps. It enables businesses to upload and manage video assets and share them across various social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

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Empower Your Video

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Viewbix lets you add interactive apps to your videos that engage viewers and drive calls to action.
The apps overlay dynamic content on top of your YouTube, Vimeo Pro or Facebook videos to create a rich viewing experience that can be shared across the web, social and mobile platforms.

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Yuzzit Pro aide les créateurs de contenus en entreprise

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Yuzzit Pro est un logiciel SAAS qui vous aide à créer des contenus courts à partir de flux live ou de vidéo importée.
Notre outil dispose d'un media asset managment et de fonctionnalités de publication. Collaborez et télétravaillez plus facilement avec Yuzzit Pro.

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