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Oracle Agile PLM

Agile product lifestyle management

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Oracle Agile PLM overview

Oracle defines Enterprise PLM as a strategic approach to managing the lifecycle
of a product throughout its full value chain: from initial requirements gathering
through to design, prototyping, obtaining certification, production, customization, service
and retirement.

Agile Product Lifecycle Management gives complex enterprises the comprehensive
support they need to implement an integrated product lifecycle process. Uniquely built
from the ground up for the networked business, Agile Product Lifecycle Management
provides a single view of products across business processes and geographical regions.

By optimizing the global product network, Agile Product Lifecycle Management allows
you to achieve key business objectives such as enhanced product innovation, faster
speed to market, shorter time to volume, lower costs, improved product quality, and
regulatory compliance.


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Oracle Agile PLM features

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Additional information for Oracle Agile PLM

Key features of Oracle Agile PLM

  • Manage the Enterprise Product Record
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Optimize the Global Product Network
  • Engineering Collaboration
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Product Lifecycle Analytics
  • Drive strategic and Operational decisions
  • AutoVue Enterprise Visualization for Agile
  • Product collaboration
  • Product Governance and compliance
  • Product cost Management
  • Product Quality Management
  • Product Portfolio Management
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- Accelerate product innovation
- Maximize profitability
- Manage the enterprise product record
- Improve product design, launch, and support
- Optimize the global product network

Agile Product Lifecycle Management Products:

Agile Product Collaboration
Agile Product Quality Management
Agile Product Portfolio Management
Agile Product Cost Management
Agile Product Governance & Compliance
Agile Engineering Collaboration
AutoVue Enterprise Visualization for Agile
Oracle Product Lifecycle Analytics