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Synovia Solutions


Fleet management software for academic institutions

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Synovia Solutions is a fleet management software designed to help businesses in the public, education, municipal and commercial sectors handle drivers’ clock-ins/outs, route planning, billing, and GPS tracking.

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Non-Taxable IRS compliant vehicle reimbursement programs

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With CarData's reimbursement solutions, reduce liability, remove administration and generate ongoing annual cost savings.

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Commercial truck navigation & fleet management software

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CoPilot Truck is a web-based commercial truck navigation software, designed to help businesses manage fleets and evaluate driver’s performance. Features include detouring, audio alerts, driver onboarding, dynamic ETAs, and real-time traffic data.

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Affordable, app-less tracking service - the data you need!

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Patent-pending app-less tracking tool that provides complete shipment visibility - regular GPS plus shipment events (arrived, docked, un/loaded and departed) - without telematic/ELD integrations or native app.

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EcoTrack Fleet Management


Fleet management software for transportation businesses

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EcoTrack Fleet Management is an equipment maintenance software designed to help businesses track vehicles and optimize routes. The platform enables managers to gain insights into maintenance schedules and automatically receive service reminders.

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Flotilla IoT


A complete end-to-end fleet management system

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Flotilla IoT is an efficient fleet management system based on IoT technology helping fleet companies automate their operations. It offers a broad scope of features ranging from real-time tracking to fleet safety and maintenance.

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GPS tracking application for family safety

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Life360 is a GPS tracking application designed to help family members access location history, send SOS alerts, view driving reports, monitor vehicle speed, and more to ensure safety. Users can receive check-in messages and save information about personalized locations such as home, work, or school according to requirements.

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IRS-Proof Mileage Log Web Dashboard and Mileage Tracker App

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For Small Business Owners, Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Tax Professionals.

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Revolutionizing fleet safety with AI and positive coaching.

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Driveri is the most advanced fleet camera system. Identify up to 7x more risk & fully-automate driver coaching with cutting-edge AI.

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A software program for autonomous GNSS vehicle localization

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PATHFINDER FUSION is software for the satellite navigation-based localization (GNSS) of vehicles, especially the highly automated and autonomous vehicles driven in city traffic. The software package enables satellite navigation data to integrate with sensor data fusion systems.

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Cloud-based route planning and delivery management software

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PackageRoute is a cloud-based route planning software designed to help businesses track the location of fleet and streamline pickup and delivery (P&D) operations. Supervisors can monitor drivers’ safety training requirements and track the status of course completion on a centralized platform.

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Software development kit (SDK) for business applications

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PathSense is a software development kit (SDK) that provides businesses with tools to add geofencing capabilities in their iOS and Android applications. Supervisors can capture and track customers’ visits to specific outlets, restaurants or other locations and monitor the total mileage of the distance travelled.

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Razor Tracking


Fleet management

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Razor Tracking is a fleet management web platform and app that helps users maintain schedules, dispatch, manage maintenance, and more.

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Cloud-based platform for streamlining dispatch operations

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SimpliRoute is a cloud-based fleet management solution that helps delivery businesses track & manage dispatching operations using GPS. It lets users import destination addresses into the platform and calculate optimal routes for drivers, which can be accessed through native iOS & Android apps.

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The Ultimate Cell Phone Monitoring & Spy App for Parents and

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The Turbo Spy & Monitoring App - The Ultimate Cell Phone Monitoring & Spy App for Parents and Employers. Keep your children safe while on their phones and employees productive on their company-issued devices.

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Smart Logistics

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Transportation management solution that covers logistics tracking, planning, monitoring, order management and dashboards.

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Fleet management software

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FleetOS is one-stop fleet management software to execute all fleet operations digitally. It helps empower fleet businesses and supervise all vehicle trips and their maintenance to increase fleet performance rate.

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VIA Mobile


Mobile communication & GPS tracking solution

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VIA Mobile is a communications platform designed to help logistics businesses track and manage loads via mobile devices. Features include GPS tracking, text messaging, a multi-language interface, document imaging, data synchronization, position reports, and chat.

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Workforce Analytics


Employee monitoring, time tracking and productivity analysis

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Workforce Analytics is a cloud-based solution built for employee monitoring, time tracking, and productivity analysis. Business owners and HR teams can monitor in-office and remote employee activity to ensure the focus remains on completing tasks and projects in a timely manner.

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Affordable fleet management for any size fleet

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GPS tracking and fleet management solution for any sized fleet with light-duty vehicles.

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GPS tracking system

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iFleet is a GPS tool for commercial or personal fleet management and vehicle tracking.

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Fleet management & GPS tracking software

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simTRAC, from simPRO, is a GPS fleet management and real-time vehicle tracking solution for fleet managers to monitor and communicate with field employees

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