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Oct 18, 2017

Top human resources blogs and podcasts

You have better things to do than wade through the quagmire of terrible content on the net. Here's a curated list of the top human resources blogs to help.

Karen McCandlessContent Analyst

I’ve said this a million times: most of the “articles” and “content” on the internet suck. They’re unoriginal, solely keyword-driven, boring, ill-informed, and so on. But traditional news and analysis websites have also experienced a severe decline in quality.

If you’re an HR professional, you’ll have better things to do (compliance, recruiting, employee engagement, wellness, etc) than spend hours wading through this quagmire. That’s why I’ve curated the top human resources blogs and podcasts from a number of resources to help you get tips from the people who know what they are talking about.

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Human resources blogs

Let’s stop off with the human resources blogs that I read regularly in my role as senior content analyst for the HR market at GetApp:

HR Dive

HR Dive is a news and analysis site that touches on topics such as recruiting, employee training, wellness, HR technology, and regulation news. HR Dive also has a daily newsletter, which highlights not only the top stories from the site, but also from major publications across the web.

LinkedIn talent blog

LinkedIn’s talent blog curates the best recruitment posts on its platform into one central place. It also further segments these posts into topics such as candidate experience, company culture, employee engagement, and diversity. The blog is accompanied by a daily newsletter with highlights from the past few days - although often these don’t change much so you get the same content on consecutive days.

CEB Human Resources blog

Full disclosure, CEB and GetApp are both owned by research firm Gartner, but that doesn’t stop CEB’s HR blog from delivering cutting edge commentary on the issues facing human resources professionals. This includes topics such as competing for talent in the digital age, the pros and cons of gamifying your recruitment process, and how to more intelligently target passive candidates.

Then there are the human resources blogs that pop up again and again in the news and recommendations. Here are some of the best I’ve curated:

Fistful of Talent

Set up and run by HR heavyweight Kris Dunn, Fistful of Talent is the sister site to the highly- successful the HR Capitalist blog, but with more of a focus on talent management. It brings together a list of influential HR professionals who all blog for the site. Fistful of Talent provides an irreverent approach to talent issues, with blog posts titled “Do You Call Out The Candidate That Lied During The Phone Screen?” and “If Sitting by High Performers Is All it Takes to Improve, I Want to Sit by Tim Sackett” (that’s an inside joke).


TLNT is a highly-regarded talent management and HR blog, and sister site to recruitment blog ERE.net, which was the first blog to be launched by parent company ERE. It covers topics such as talent management, training and development, compensation, ethics, benefits, and HR software. TLNT also offers a free daily newsletter, jobs board, and regular online and in-person events.

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HR podcasts

If you’re driving to work, on the train, or waiting in line at the bank, you can spend this time playing Candy Crush on your phone, or listening to an HR podcast. It’s your choice, but here are some podcasts you may want to check out if you go for the latter.

In terms of podcasts, our sister site Capterra recommends:

HR Happy Hour

This podcast is hosted by Steve Boese, the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, and Trish McFarlane, a writer/speaker on HR and workplace topics. It covers human resources, management, leadership, and workforce technology.

CIPD podcast

The CIPD is a a professional association for human resource management professionals based in London. It releases podcasts on a monthly basis, and recent topics have included HR ethics, whether apprenticeships can solve the skills crisis, and gender pay gap reporting regulations.

Human Resources for Small Businesses

Human resources consulting company Xenium HR hosts a weekly podcast touching on the kind of HR issues that small businesses face. Topics include “How to Navigate a Drastic Career Change”, “Why Growing Beyond 10 Employees is so Painful”, and “How to Prevent Workplace Bullying”.

Here are other curated suggestions from across the web:

HBR Ideacast

Respected publication Harvard Business Review (HBR) records a weekly podcast that covers both business and HR related topics. Recent podcasts have touched on subjects such as “Why Everyone Should See Themselves as a Leader”, “How Authority and Decision-Making Differ Across Cultures”, and “The Talent Pool Your Company Probably Overlooks”.

Nine to Thrive HR

Nine to Thrive HR is a weekly podcast by the Human Capital Institute. It’s only 30 minutes long so is supposed to be more digestible and manageable. Recent topics include “Crafting Holistic Employee Experiences”, “Diversity & Inclusion: A 3-Tiered Approach to Addressing Assumptions to Achieve Gender Equity”, and “Creating An Engaging Culture For Millennials”.

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HR professionals recommendations

We also asked HR professionals which blogs and podcasts they recommend. Here’s what they said:

Ben Brooks, founder and CEO of of digital coaching software



Jackie Dube, head of people operations at behavioral assessment software

The Predictive Index


“We also push content on our social from:

Omer Molad, co-founder and CEO of


Recruiting podcasts

Human resources blogs

Textio’s blog on Medium. Textio is an augmented writing platform for creating job listings.

Darrin Murriner, cofounder of personal and team development tool


Blogs/written content

“Sadly I have migrated to primarily social channels when consuming HR content.

  1. jennifermcclure.net - but I follow her mostly through LinkedIn where she writes and distributes most of her content

  2. Harvard Business Review - they provide fantastic HR-related content that is focused primarily on current research studies. This isn’t in a blog format but excellent to put into a social feed.”

HR podcasts:

  1. Workology podcast

  2. From Founder to CEO .

Ira S Wolfe, president of

Success Performance Solutions

recruiting software

Human resources blogs “My favorites are bit non-traditional when it comes to HR.  The HR blogs I check and read most frequently are:

Other blogs “However, I strongly recommend HR begin to do what is called “info-sponging.”  Read or listen to something outside your area of expertise and consider how it might impact your business. In that vein,  I regularly visit, read or listen to

HR podcasts

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Which human resources blogs and podcasts do you recommend?

We’d love to hear your suggestions so let us know what human resources blogs and podcasts you read or listen to in the comments below or by emailing karen@getapp.com

You can also join in the conversation online, by Tweeting your recommendations to @getapp. We’ll be updating the article as we get your comments.

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