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Fast deploy digital concierge platform.

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HootBoard is a Kiosk as a Service (KaaS) digital concierge platform designed to help educational institutions, visitor centers, hotels, hospitals, workplaces, offices & other organizations share announcements, events, classifieds, jobs & other information internally via online bulletin board kiosks

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Curb Hero


Here comes the neighborhood

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Want real estate property marketing that makes you look good? Curb Hero provides agents free tools that's proven to save time and capture more leads.

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eyefactive AppSuite


App marketplace for interactive digital signage touchscreens

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Dedicated app-platform for interactive digital signage touchscreen software: Create your own apps with eyefactive's intuitive AppSuite Touch-CMS.

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Digital signage software with built-in content integration

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SignEdge by UCView is a cloud-based digital signage solution for designing and deploying content to digital displays within various markets and industries.

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Volunteer Check In Kiosk


Web-based check-in kiosk for museums

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Volunteer Check In Kiosk is a web-based check-in kiosk designed to help museums manage volunteer attendance, log work hours, and track user activity via Track It Forward reports. It lets volunteers check in & out using various devices such as laptops, tablets, or desktop across multiple locations.

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TrueConf Server


Video conferencing and collaboration software

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TrueConf Server is a video conferencing software designed to help businesses host remote meetings and conferences. Administrators can track and monitor various details on the server such as events log, call history, messages, configuration changes, conference recordings, and shared files.

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Unified Endpoint Manageme software for iOS & Android devices

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Chimpa UEM helps manage, monitor, and secure various Android and iOS-based devices like digital signage, interactive displays, service kiosks, single-purpose devices, and more. Users can protect devices from unauthorized access, data theft, and intrusion using role-based permissions.

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ServiceGuru Kiosk


Kiosk solution for customer service feedback collection

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ServiceGuru Kiosk is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses collect feedback from customers via automated kiosk devices across multiple locations, improving online reviews and customer service. It lets users rate employees based on their performance, ensuring workforce productivity.

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Cloud-based point-of-sale system for small to medium firms

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POS by Salesvu is a cloud-based point-of-sale system for small to medium businesses such as retailers, food trucks, restaurants, salons, and more, which helps manage operations related to various types of transactions, including cash, credit cards, checks, and gift cards.

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AirDroid Business


Empower business continuity in the mobile age

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Get everything you need for managing Android devices in one package, MDM, remote access and control, Kiosk, and geo-tracking.

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Indoor navigation & mapping engine

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Jibestream's indoor mapping platform gives developers the power to create, control and customize maps that are geospatially accurate to the world

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Moki Kiosk


Digital signage and kiosk software

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Moki Kiosk is a digital signage and kiosk software that helps businesses in healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, finance, education, and other industries monitor usage, manage content, clear cache data, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to customize the application layout with brand logos, colors, themes, navigation bars, buttons, progress bars, and other elements.

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PYE Self Service Kiosk


The New Standard in customizable self-ordering kiosks.

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Customizable self ordering kiosks to improve the customer experience and sales efficiency while saving on costs.

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Yooba Kiosk


Showcase content, products, or services at events

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Yooba Interactive Kiosk Display is our solution for publishing content to fixed installations in public spaces. Regardless of the many possible uses of the solution, the purposes are the same – to visualize and present products, services and other information in an easy, fun and accessible way.

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