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Identity management, single sign-on (SSO), and API security

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What is PingFederate?

With Ping Identity, you don’t need application passwords — or the problems they create, such as administrative headaches, help desk overload or security risks. Our Internet Identity Security solutions allow users to securely access Web-based business applications without multiple logins.

ingFederate performs three critical security functions that make accessing Internet applications easier and more secure:
Internet Single Sign-On (SSO)
Users sign on once to their corporate network, then PingFederate securely communicates their identities to internal and external Web-based applications. No individual application passwords are necessary and no additional logins are required, increasing user convenience and making applications more secure.

Internet User Account Management
PingFederate integrates with your corporate directory to automatically create, update and disable user accounts for Internet applications throughout the user's lifecycle.


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PingFederate - true federation

Reviewed 2013-05-08
Review Source: GetApp

PingFederate is used as the front-end for staff and students. It provides SSO to GoogelApps and on-premise apps. It's robust and quick to deploy, Note: it is not a direct competitor to Okta - the PingOne offering is.

- Admin GUI - wide number of connectors - support of standards (LDAP, SCIM, SAML)

- for any installation over multiple servers it needs a log aggregation tool such as Splunk.

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PingFederate features

User Management

API (152 other apps)
Access Control (114 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (95 other apps)
Activity Tracking (56 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (63 other apps)
Audit Trail (55 other apps)
Authentication (67 other apps)
Compliance Management (113 other apps)
Monitoring (127 other apps)
Password Management (60 other apps)
Policy Management (70 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (75 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (91 other apps)
Risk Alerts (57 other apps)
SSL Security (55 other apps)
Secure Data Storage (67 other apps)
Third Party Integration (81 other apps)
Vulnerability Scanning (55 other apps)

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Higher user adoption rates: Eliminating the barrier of forgotten passwords and repeated logins improves the likelihood that employees will embrace new applications and use them frequently. Ping customers report user adoption rate increases of 20 percent and higher. Rearden Commerce reported an 81 percent user adoption rate only four weeks after turning to Ping Identity for Internet SSO.
Fewer help desk tickets and lower associated costs: Fewer passwords means fewer calls to the help desk for lost or forgotten passwords. ConAgra Foods reduced password reset support calls by 92 percent and lowered user name inquiry calls by 61 percent after implementing PingFederate for Internet SSO.
Lower administrative overhead: Our solutions automatically create, update and delete user accounts as needed, streamlining the tedious task of Internet user account management. For example, nonprofit customer Stone Belt Arc was able to eliminate 120 hours of email account administration each year by implementing PingFederate.
Increased productivity: Users work seamlessly across all of their Web-based business applications with no delays or distractions caused by individual application logins or forgotten password resets.
Strengthened security: Fewer passwords allow fewer hacking opportunities. Automating user account deactivation ensures employee access to valuable business data is removed for all SaaS applications once they leave the organization.
Increased compliance audit pass rates: Since Ping solutions provide a centralized, auditable point of Internet application access, compliance audit pass rates improve.