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Cloud security and web hosting software

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OVHcloud is a cloud security software that helps businesses utilize dedicated servers to build websites and manage online presence. The platform enables administrators to check the availability of domain names and transfer them to various extensions including .dev, .info, .shop, and

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OneSpan Authentication Servers


Centralized authentication server software

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OneSpan Authentication Server - formerly IDENTIKEY - is OneSpan’s off-the-shelf centralized authentication server. It is the perfect choice to secure remote access to corporate resources and various types of (web-based) applications, from remote access and SSL VPN to SaaS.

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Cloud security suite to protect against cyber attacks

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PROsecure is a cloud security suite designed to help small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) protect data and applications from cyber-attack and hacking attempts.

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Password Generator


Generate secure random passwords, numbers, codes, usernames

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Easily generate millions of unique strong random passwords, numbers, masked codes, pronounceable passwords, usernames, and more. Control character placement, composition, and frequency of occurrence. Allow or disallow duplicate, consecutive, repeating, and similar characters.

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Online platform for automated attack protection & mitigation

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PerimeterX offers a suite of products, Bot Defender, Code Defender, and Page Defender to protect businesses from online attacks. It uses behavioral fingerprinting, machine learning, and predictive analytics to recognize real users while blocking automated attacks. The suite can protect against web scraping, carding, browser extensions, digital skimming and Magecart, skewed analytics, and other types of threats.

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SSL security for third-party domains

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Qloaked is a security solution designed to help SaaS businesses secure client websites or landing pages using SSL security. Designed for small and growing businesses, the solution can encrypt SSL/TLS certificates for third-party domains, with the aim of preventing customer data breaches.

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Patented data encryption service

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BIOWRAP is a patented data encryption service that leverages the cloud to eliminate the complexities of encryption and offer an immediate impact solution to certify, protect, track and control all types of electronic information, at all times (at rest and in motion).

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Cybersecurity and vulnerability management software

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RedShield is a cybersecurity software designed to help government agencies and businesses across healthcare and finance industries streamline network security and risk assessment operations using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It enables IT teams to identify and remove vulnerabilities from online applications and APIs, perform penetration tests, and hide business logic flaws from attackers using object codes.

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IT security management solution for organizations

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STORM is a cloud-based IT security management system designed to assist cyber security teams within organizations with tracking and management of network issues. Key features include workflow automation, message authentication, secure digital signatures, resource planning, and reporting.

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Securonix Cloud


Cloud-based UEBA & security analytics solution

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Securonix Cloud is a scalable user & entity behavior analytics (UEBA) & security analytics software powered by machine learning that detects threats to networks / computers at any time with flexible multi-tenant architecture, encrypted SSL connections, API integration with cloud sources, & more

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Skybox Vulnerability Control


Threat-centric vulnerability management

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Skybox Vulnerability Control supports a systematic approach to vulnerability management unlike any other vendor. Our solution is rooted in comprehensive visibility of your attack surface, using its context to analyze, prioritize and remediate your riskiest vulnerabilities fast.

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Container and Kubernetes security tool for detecting threats

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StackRox is a container security platform designed to help government agencies and businesses protect cloud-based applications, detect threats, and manage vulnerabilities, compliance requirements, configurations, and more. Administrators can gain visibility into risks on a centralized dashboard.

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Cloud and container security software

learn more is a container security software that helps businesses assess vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation actions, monitor assets, and more on a centralized platform. The automated inspection module enables staff members to detect malware, handle hierarchy intelligence, and assess container images by layer.

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Threat Stack


Cloud security platform to detect and respond to threats

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Threat Stack is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses identify and respond to threats in real-time while ensuring security and compliance across applications. It facilitates visibility across cloud management console, host, containers and serverless layers.

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Cloud-based cybersecurity and threat assessment software

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ThreatWatch is a cloud-based cybersecurity software that provides businesses with tools to conduct risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and secure third-party assets. Supervisors can utilize artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled threat intelligence tool to perform security scans and self-certify codes, images, and artifacts.

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Tokenization, key and encryption management platform

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Our Cloud Security Platform is designed to secure and desensitize data to comply with everything from industry standards such as the PCI DSS to global privacy regulations such as the GDPR. Our Cloud Security Platform maximizes security and reduces scope without restricting access to data.

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Cloud integration platform for managing digital resources

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Turbot is a cloud governance solution that allows enterprises to integrate with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to manage digital resources, control software, maintain compliance, and develop cloud-based applications.

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