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Zinstall FullBack Server logo

Zinstall FullBack Server


Software for managing backups for servers and applications

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Zinstall FullBack Server allows is a cloud-based solution designed to help organizations automate the backups for entire servers including applications. Users can restore to completely different OS, 32bit to 64bit, physical to virtual, or Cloud-hosted.

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Bacula Enterprise logo

Bacula Enterprise


Data backup and disaster recovery solution

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Bacula Enterprise is a data backup and recovery solution designed to help midsize and large businesses streamline deduplication, disaster recovery, database backup, and snapshot management operations. It caters to the needs of data centers, managed service providers (MSPs), and cloud providers.

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ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus logo

ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus


Backup and restoration tool

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ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus is a software that helps businesses recover from disasters. It can help you recover your systems, data and applications when they are affected by hardware failures, network outages and other disruptions.

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