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Cloud-based dispatching and towing management platform

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Swoop is a cloud-based dispatching and towing management platform, which enables businesses to monitor operations in real-time and inform customers of their provider. Supervisors can manage multiple storages and dispatch sites and track the progress through time and location updates.

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GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Software

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Linxio, formerly known as Ready Track, is a GPS fleet tracking & management solution for businesses of all sizes. The cloud-based platform offers modules for fleet and vehicle tracking, asset management, driver safety monitoring, job dispatch management, compliance management, & inspections.

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EcoTrack Fleet Management logo

EcoTrack Fleet Management


Fleet management software for transportation businesses

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EcoTrack Fleet Management is an equipment maintenance software designed to help businesses track vehicles and optimize routes. The platform enables managers to gain insights into maintenance schedules and automatically receive service reminders.

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Smart Logistics

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Transportation management solution that covers logistics order management, smart planning, yard management, smart tracking, fleet management, colaborativo portals and dashboards.

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