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Marmoset Toolbag logo

3D rendering, animation, and texture baking solution

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Marmoset Toolbag is designed to help businesses streamline 3D rendering, animation, and texture baking operations in real-time. It enables employees to configure art production workflows as well as assemble art designs by leveraging physically accurate lighting and materials.

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YouiDraw logo

Cloud-based vector graphics software for designers

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YouiDraw is a cloud-based vector graphics software, which helps designers create HTML5 logos, website elements, drawings, icons, infographics, and more using various tools, templates, and effects. Artists can add rectangles, ellipses, and circles as well as concave, convex & gear shapes to drawings.

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Boxy SVG logo

Scalable vector graphics with built-in keyboard shortcuts

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Boxy SVG is a scalable vector graphics editing software designed to help web designers & developers edit SVG files using various graphical objects. Teams can manipulate patterns, gradients, and paths directly on the canvas, whilst being able to synchronize app preferences between multiple devices.

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Barcode Generator Software logo

Cloud-based barcode design and generation software

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Barcode Generator Software is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with tools to create and design barcodes. Supervisors can integrate the platform with Adobe Illustration, enabling them to customize the appearance of barcodes according to requirements.

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DesignBro LogoMaker logo

Logo maker software

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DesignBro Logo Maker allows users to easily create professional logos for their business in just a few clicks. With DesignBro's online logo maker, entrepreneurs can customize their logo by choosing from premium fonts, colors, and icons. The logo maker provides suggestions based on the company's industry and guides users through the logo design process. Users can download their new logo in multiple formats and get a complete brand package.

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