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Maple Flow


Let your calculations flow!

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Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine.

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MediSked Connect Exchange


Population health management platform

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MediSked Connect Exchange is a data repository + business intelligence and population health management platform

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Mojix ytem


Real-time visibility through the complete item chain.

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Item Chain Management solution for consumer brand, retail and industrial enterprises. Applies innovative data science to transform item-level data into valuable operational intelligence, helping you to manage the entire life-cycle of billions of unique identities from source to sale to consumer.

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Moon Modeler


Data modeling tool for both noSQL and relational databases.

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Moon Modeler allows users to draw ER diagrams for MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other databases or draw schema design for GraphQL. Developers can visualize existing databases and generate schemas or SQL scripts for different data structures.

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Strategic finance platform for better decision making

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Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that powers agile planning, real-time reporting, deeper analysis, and better decision-making for fast-growing startups. Consolidating data from ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems, the platform provides a single source of truth across the business.

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Data visualization software for the IT industry

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Peakboard is a data visualization software designed to help businesses in the IT sector manage the visualization of graphical data from different sources. The system combines an application with a box connected to a PC for data evaluation. The visualizations originate from direct links to data sources such as SAP systems.

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Data platform for business intelligence across all sources

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Periscope Data is a data analysis platform that plugs directly into any database to run, visualize, & share analyses on billions of rows of data efficiently

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Retrieve & Relate


Multi-omics alignment and analysis solution

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Retrieve & Relate is a self-service multi-omics analytics platform where you can search, compare & analyze your sequences.

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Data management platform.

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Solidatus allows users to manage their data and unlock its true business value. Solidatus’ advanced lineage-first data management technology visually connects and maps data relationships across the enterprise – and across time – delivering a complete view of a user's data.

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Mapping application

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StatPlanet is an interractive data visualization and mapping application. It is web based and you can easily and rapidly create visualizations from simple Flash maps to advanced infographics. StatPlanet is used by many kinds of organizations, including UNESCO, NASA, and Fortune 500 companies (such as Dell & Siemens).

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Augmented intelligence (AI) and data analytics platform

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Stratifyd is an augmented intelligence and data analytics platform which helps businesses collect, analyze, and visualize unstructured and structured customer data in real-time. Using the AI-enabled speech analytics solution, customer care representatives can develop transcripts of call recordings.

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Tom Sawyer


Data visualization application with interactive graph layout

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Tom Sawyer Perspectives is a data-driven web, desktop, and cloud-based platform for building graph and data visualization and analysis applications.

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Trend Miner


Historical trend analysis and BI visualization platform

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Are you getting the most from your CRM data? Are your CRM users able to easily extract and analyze trends and changes over time? Introducing Trend Miner, an out-of-the-box trend analysis and BI visualization tool for Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM.

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Get insights intothe future. Act on them, right now.

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Valsight stands for a new kind of corporate management: agile enterprise performance management. With Valsight, you can simulate scenarios and financial models easily and spontaneously. This means making better management decisions faster.

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Data analytics software.

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Visao is a cloud-based data analytics software for datasets and that helps users visualize the most relevant relations between all given variables.

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Data visualization made simple.

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ZENPLOT helps businesses create data visualizations by using different layers including point clouds, line charts, and bar charts. Users can also link the data to any of their characteristics such as color, size, thickness, shape, and more to generate creative possibilities. Managers can export created visualizations in different formats including .PNG or .SVG and easily integrate them into presentations.

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Data visualization tool to create graphs, charts & diagrams

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amCharts is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help enterprises visualize data in the form of graphs, geographical maps, bar charts, diagrams, pictorials, heatmaps, and more. Supervisors can build custom scalable vector graphics (SVG) applications or interfaces.

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Complex Data. Clear Solutions, firmTRAK Solutions

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Fully integrated data visualization dashboard for law firms that use CLIO or Practice Panther.

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Your Subscription to FP&A Innovation, Quality, & Automation

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Performance Canvas Financials is a subscription-based Financial Reporting, Budgeting & Planning, Forecasting, Consolidation, and KPI management software.
It has a free 30-day trial with your own data so you can evaluate if this software addresses your needs. Walk away for free if you are unhappy.

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