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Atrius Personal Wayfinder logo

Atrius Personal Wayfinder


Flexible indoor maps to improve how people navigate spaces.

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Deliver seamless indoor maps & wayfinding across web, mobile, and native apps with Atrius Personal Wayfinder.

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LocationsXYZ logo



Trusted, latest, and accurate points-of-interest database.

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LocationsXYZ is a leading points-of-interest database that is 95% accurate and offers 96% global coverage. The database consists of 5 million POIs and 1 million polygons. LocationsXYZ aims to help varied industries to make geographic-driven business decisions.

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Ideal Postcodes logo

Ideal Postcodes


Address Validation Made Simple

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A UK postcode lookup and address validation solution. We provide an API to retrieve, query and clean addresses. Technical integration is simple and fast.

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Genio logo



Location intelligence platform for workplace health & safety

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Genio assists with the task of supervising employees and contractors in ensuring their presence in designated areas are reduced considerably. Tracking seamlessly without manual intervention, the Genio Smart-ID uses RTLS. Employee safety is of utmost importance for an organization with greater emphasis placed on Health, Safety, and Security (HSS) guidelines.

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