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Nomadesk Reviews


Secure Business Class File Sharing!

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Cathy Sperrazzo

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About a year ago, I was using Google Apps to collaborate and store large files that were too cumbersome to email. I hit many limitations...especially when it came to formatting in my Powerpoint presentations. Then I found out about Nomadesk. Nomadesk not only supports every application, so my formatting issues were gone, but it makes collaboration, synchronization, backup and storage easy and safe. I pretty much use it, not just for large files, but for all of my files. I have set up team file servers for each of my clients and I have a personal file server as well. I can share with unlimited team members! All of my work is backed up automatically and I can rest assured that if anything ever happened to my laptop while traveling that I can remotely shred all of my important docs. These virtual file servers allow me to work both online and offline, so I don't have to rely on an internet connection. Overall, Nomadesk has brought tremendous efficiencies and peace of mind to my business.


Eliminates my need to reconcile multiple versions of docs. Automatically backs up files, stores them locally & in the cloud. I can access files from my phone and any computer. FolderLink, FileLink, TheftGuard Unlimtd Storage Affordable Live S


Team members have ability to move, change files.

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Paul Ponting

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