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Cloud software that leverages Stakeholder Intelligence™ to drive better decisions across organizations.

Powernoodle allows groups to work in real time or asynchronously, depending on team members' availability and schedules. The platform embraces diversity to drive creative solutions that can only derive from a setting where everyone feels comfortable participating.

Powernoodle effectively guides the decision making process while eliminating "simple' barriers like physical distance, and complex ones like personality differences, gender, work styles, culture, and generations. Powernoodle helps guide new leaders to successful stakeholder engagements while acting as a powerful tool for internal and external consultants and facilitators.


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Nadine Hack

Run, don’t walk to learn more about Powernoodle!

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-02-04
Review Source: GetApp

I cannot think of single client from every sector around the globe who I’ve advised over four decades who would not benefit immensely from Powernoodle’s truly extraordinary strength in engaging your stakeholders from every corner of the world to solve your complex problems. As a longtime advocate of actively engaging stakeholders, I recently worked with Powernoodle to solve a complex business problem for a global initiative with a team of people from different continents and from multiple disciplines. It’s simply the most powerful platform I have ever encountered to ignite conversations around transformation with solid buy-in from stakeholders. Powernoodle’s scientifically-based fantastically facilitated process truly ensured deep levels of commitment from the broadest base of my stakeholders because it actively involved all of us to focus collectively – however, separated we were by geography – on designing desired outcomes. Nadine B. Hack, CEO, beCause Global Consulting, www.because.net | Creator, Strategic Relational Engagement™It simplified the age-old problem of creating a shared understanding about and buy-in to designing plans that accurately took into account what will be the priority actions and the amount of time for each of our team members to deliver the results we want. It allowed us each to work on our own time (in widely varying time zones) to anonymously generate a set of ideas, comment on the ideas posted by others so that everyone could honestly analyse without fear of being judged. This liberated an amazingly creative process: far better than brainstorming. While we’re still in the early stages, we have been able to distill in a remarkably fast time frame (roughly a month) exactly what are the key value propositions we offer with this new initiative and how we will roll out executing against the benefits we know our clients will receive. The Powernoodle facilitator adapted to our unique style of working, while also pushing us to go beyond our comfort zone and explore other methodologies that were extremely beneficial. They also asked provocative questions that enabled us to envision what we hadn't been able to.

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Eleanor Dunfey-Freiburger

It's a Powernoodle World!

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-02-07
Review Source: GetApp

Shaping new goals? a sound strategic plan? a viable funding strategy? We had the challenge of re-shaping and articulating our 40-year old mission and goals to reach a whole new generation of emerging leaders. How does a company/organisation that is re-tooling for global reach, successfully elicit the best ideas from and for all its stakeholders? I highly recommend Powernoodle.com because of the 1) User-friendly software with effective tools facilitators utilise seamlessly to guide participants in moving from ideas to actions 2) Opportunity to work on one's own time, within reasonable time-frames, to think through and express ideas. I particularly like working alone as a first step as well as at appropriate moments throughout the process. 3) Ideas/suggestions posted anonymously. Such a great way to get maximum input from individuals; great vehicle for those who are less apt to speak up in groups but who may have some excellent ideas 4) Availability of Powernoodle support services 24/7 5) Recognition of the value of each stakeholder's suggestions. All ideas are organised, saved, and accessible for current and future reference. Best of all, the gratification of having concise and specific outcomes/action steps in a very reasonable amount of time as opposed to traditional approaches that required setting weekly meetings often over months to accomplish much less.Of all the tools like mapping and small group teamwork; of whiteboard or post-it results; of well-intended brainstorming sessions with facilitators' reports that never get read -- Of all of the above in my many years of participating in retreats, seminars, etc., I am happy to state, unequivocally, that Powernoodle.com absolutely yields the best results for successful goal setting, strategic planning, shaping funding priorities, and you don't even have to "leave home" to participate! I was a less-than-enthusiastic participant at the outset. After one session, I became a total convert to this process and am already seeing its worth -- in action.

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Michael Randel

Great tool for engaging people whilst gathering robust data for decision-making

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-04-22
Review Source: Capterra

I've been able to run a large number of risky meetings in high-conflict situations - the anonymity made it safe for participants to share honest ideas and comments. It's easy to set up and invite participation, and it can be used to prepare for meetings (collecting information in advance) and during meetings (allowing real-time feedback and analysis). The reporting process gives participants confidence that all views have been included in the decision process. The company is very responsive to client feedback. I have seen a number of new features rolled out in direct response to user suggestions over the 7 years I have been using the Powernoodle tool.Easy to use, great set of tools and functions assembled in one package. Customer support is top class, very accessible. Makes me look good to my clients (!) as I deploy a sleek, well-designed and user-friendly app that makes it easy to participate. Participants can easily share and comment on ideas, while also analyzing (voting, rating and prioritizing). Works seamlessly in both virtual and in-person sessions. Anonymity is built-in, inviting more frank and honest exchanges.

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Diana Del Bel Belluz

Powernoodle harnesses stakeholder intelligence for better management of enterprise risks

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-16
Review Source: GetApp

I’ve used Powernoodle for risk assessment and risk prioritization. The app’s use of smart anonymity and proven neuroscience findings makes it very effective at reducing common cognitive biases (e.g., groupthink, anchoring bias, confirmation bias, halo effect, an illusion of control, etc.) that plague most risk assessments. It also enables me to bring more of the right people into the decision-making process which increases the diversity of perspectives represented. As a result, when my clients use Powernoodle, they achieve more fulsome and robust risk assessments compared to using workshops and spreadsheets alone. I find Powernoodle to be particularly useful in helping executive teams to quickly and easily rank their risks and to prioritize which risks merit more management attention and resources. Best of all, because everyone feels their voice has been heard, there is much higher confidence and buy-in to the ultimate decisions.I find it easy to use. The customer support is fantastic. My clients find it stimulates more meaningful conversations which create a deeper understanding of the risks they face.

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Kate Russell

The Power is in the Anonymity

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-16
Review Source: GetApp

I work with leaders and teams to better manage conflict in the workplace. I use Powernoodle to conduct an anonymous survey to kick the process off. People can express themselves with confidence and no information is ever lost. I can then use Powernoodle with the same team to develop concepts about improving culture and ensure everyone has an equal voice. This is very powerful when the team has felt disenfranchised.

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Powernoodle features

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Additional information for Powernoodle

Key features of Powernoodle

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Guided Approach to Decison Making
  • Auto-generated Reports
  • Selction of Templates
  • Unlimited Participants
  • Unlimited Number of Sessions
  • Built-in 'Smart Anonymity'
  • 99.9% Availability
  • Real Time Support
  • OWASP Cyber Security Tested
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•Ignite Deep Discussion
Powerful commenting and critical thinking features encourage debate and constructive vetting.

•Ruthless Prioritization
Drive stakeholder alignment on spending scarce resources like budget, time and focus.

•Built-in Analytics
Auto-generated distribution of evaluations allows you to quickly gauge stakeholder alignment and ignite focused conversation to address outliers or confusion.

No Transcribing. Reports provide a transparent audit trail and historical view of every decision & conversation that takes place throughout the process

99.9% Availability. Engage your stakeholders with confidence- their time is valuable.

Your Stakeholder Intelligence data is precious- keep it secure. The Powernoodle platform is OWASP Cyber Security Tested & Compliant