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Idea & Innovation Management Software

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Inject innovation into your company with Brightidea's Innovation Management Platform. Source better ideas and implement new innovations.

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Virtual workspaces that facilitate team collaboration

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Collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions with Bluescape, a secure visual collaboration solution. Get flexible virtual workspaces, powerful whiteboarding, smart video conferencing, annotations and drawing tools, customizable templates, and easy file sharing.

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#1 Online collaborative whiteboard platform for teams

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Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that gives remote teams the tools to run brainstorms, capture creativity, and develop the best ideas. With over 250 ready-made templates, Miro helps users connect and collaborate like they’re in person. Start collaborating quickly with your team!

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Qmarkets Idea Management


Idea and Innovation Management Software

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Qmarkets is a leading provider of idea and innovation management software. Major brands - such as Ford, McDonald's, and Lufthansa - use Qmarkets’ products for idea crowdsourcing, continuous improvement, employee engagement, open innovation, and other projects for capturing collective intelligence.

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Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

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Wrike is an idea management software solution trusted by more than 20,000 companies worldwide. Real-time collaboration features include live editing, shared calendars, proofing tools, and 400+ app integrations. Combine your ideas on one platform to boost efficiency and encourage team innovation.

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Sideways 6


Idea management for Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Workplace.

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Does your company use Microsoft Teams, Yammer or Workplace from Facebook? If so, then Sideways 6 is the idea management platform for you. Organizations like Nestle, AstraZeneca and British Airways trust Sideways 6 to help them empower employees to share ideas and bring the best ones to life.

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Project and work management for teams of all sizes.

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Asana is an idea management tool where you can connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. From lists to boards, to calendars and gantt charts, organize work your way. Join millions of teams across 190 countries who use Asana to get more done.

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Social platform offering collaborative idea management tools

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Crowdicity is an online idea management platform with a collaborative, social approach to gathering feedback & evaluating responses to organizational challenges

Read more about Crowdicity



Create, organize, and discuss work with your team

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Confluence is a shared workspace to create and manage all your work. From product roadmaps to creative briefs, help your team do their best work together.

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Idea Drop


Capture and action the best ideas from your people.

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Idea Drop is an online idea management solution with native mobile app support, enabling businesses to set challenges and capture innovative solutions

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AI-powered market research platform

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Remesh is a cloud-based feedback platform which employs machine learning to engage customers in conversation & collect, analyze & present responses in real-time

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HYPE Innovation


Idea & innovation management solution for SMEs

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HYPE Innovation is a cloud-based innovation management solution which helps small to midsize firms manage the complete innovation life cycle. The platform facilitates brainstorming, collaboration, project tracking, front-end portfolio management, evaluation and implementation.

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End-to-end product management for agile teams

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Craft is an agile product management platform that helps organizations better plan stories, sprints, & roadmaps by discovering, collecting, & exploring ideas

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Idea management solution to facilitate innovation

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Rever is an idea management solution designed to help businesses in food processing & packaging & industrial manufacturing & assembly industries, experiment with ideas through collaboration & continuous improvement processes. It lets users share best practices with multiple teams & implement ideas.

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The most widely used innovation management software globally

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Viima is an idea & innovation management software designed to provide medium and large enterprises with the tools they need to collect ideas and effectively manage them all the way through to innovations.

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Project Management Made Easy

visit website, an award-winning tool, is the ideal solution for idea management helping teams bring the best ideas to fruition by capture, prioritize and organize ideas. Easily bring ideators and decision-makers together in one tool so real progress can be made on the ideas you believe in.

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Capture and Transform Ideas into Measurable Impact

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Tap into the wisdom of your workforce to collect, evaluate, and implement the 5% of ideas that will drive 95% of new business results.

Read more about Ideawake



Idea & knowledge management platform

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NanoNotion is a cloud-based idea & knowledge management platform designed to help users collect, share and surface ideas & knowledge using a range of features and functionalities, including crowdsourcing, ratings, collaboration tools, statistics & analytics, selectable metrics, commenting, and more

Read more about NanoNotion



Idea management tool for large teams and focus groups

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Codigital is a cloud-based ideas engine, which helps teams and focus groups with strategic planning, innovation, market research, communications, and crowd-sourcing. Key features include trend analysis, questionnaire creation, collaboration, and polls.

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Crowdsourced Innovation Management

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Vet ideas and develop them into impactful business concepts.

Read more about IdeaScale

Wellspring Innovation Management


Emerging technology scouting and real-time monitoring

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Wellspring Innovation Management is a purpose built innovation management software for technology scouting and transfer, corporate venturing, sponsored research, IP management and licensing. The platform offers scouting, workflow management, pipeline insights, and reporting.

Read more about Wellspring Innovation Management



Idea management and rapid innovation in one platform

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Nectir is the first idea management and innovation software to combine idea management, challenges and collaborative sprints in one intuitive platform. Nectir helps organizations develop an innovative culture while keeping focused on their goals with our intelligent strategic alignment algorithm.

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The world's #1 roadmap software

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Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software. We help more than 250,000 users build and market products customers love.

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100% free CRM, collaboration and communication tool suite

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Bitrix24 is a leading free social idea management and collaboration platform used by over 4 million companies worldwide. Available in cloud and on-premise with open source code access. Share and discuss ideas, manage knowledge, manage projects and do more with Bitrix24!

Read more about Bitrix24



Diagram maker for team collaboration & work processes

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Cacoo is an online diagram and collaboration tool for businesses to create sitemaps, flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, mockups, and more

Read more about Cacoo

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Buyers Guide

Idea Management

Did you know?

The human mind thinks between 60,000-80,000 thoughts in a day. That’s about 2,500-3,300 thoughts per hour.

Just imagine how amazing it would be if even 1% of our thoughts were captured, recorded, and stored in a database to be developed into something new.

To ensure that powerful ideas don’t get lost as mere “thoughts”, businesses use idea management software to capture ideas that they can later evaluate and leverage for business advantage.

The overall benefits of idea management software are:

  •  It helps to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. This further helps businesses improve their products and services.

  •  It boosts employee engagement and stakeholder participation.

We’ve put together this guide with relevant information to help businesses purchase the right idea management software. Here is what we’ll cover:

What is idea management software?

Idea management software is a centralized platform that helps users capture ideas, then evaluate and develop them into products, services, or processes. They can categorize ideas for easy reference and manage them from inception to execution within the tool.

What are the deployment options for idea management software?

When you’re thinking of investing in idea management software, it’s important that you understand the deployment options. 

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based idea management software allows you to access it from anywhere and you don’t have to take on the additional cost of maintenance. This option is suitable for small and midsize businesses.

On-premise deployment: On-premise idea management software is accessible only on the server on which it has been installed. It may include the additional cost of maintenance and therefore, is more expensive upfront than cloud-based software. 

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: What is the preferred deployment method of your software?

What are some common features of idea management software?

Knowing about the features of idea management software will help you choose the software that’s most suitable for your business. Some of the common features you should know about include: 

Workflow customization: Rearrange steps within existing templates or create your own idea management workflows; control user participation and visibility in each step.


List of captured ideas in Planbox Innovate

Automated notifications: Send notification emails to participants to help them stay updated about the announcements and progress of ideas through the idea lifecycle.


Automated notifications in Ideawake

Collaboration tools: Collaborate on ideas using threaded discussions and file sharing; garner votes through interactive elements such as star rating, thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating, and buttons.


Idea scorecard in Qmarkets Idea Management

Campaign management: Create ideation campaigns and challenges to invite breakthrough ideas to solve business challenges; invite entries and contributions from employees and the public.


Submitting ideas in Ideawake

Mind mapping: Create graphic representation using a drag-and-drop interface to demonstrate how different elements of an idea are connected to each other.


 Mind mapping in Coggle

Idea lifecycle tracking: Track your ideas through each stage of the idea lifecycle to stay updated on their execution and completion.


Idea capturing and tracking in Aha!

Gamification: Motivate and engage your employees, consumers, and other stakeholders by incentivizing idea sharing. Award them points, badges, scores, and prizes to ensure continued participation and innovation.


Gamification in IdeaLab

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: What are the kind of integrations that are available with your idea management software? 

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*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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