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Yapp logo

Mobile app builder for events, communications and community.

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Yapp is a web and mobile app builder that lets you create iOS and Android apps for internal communications, community, teams, and events with no coding knowledge required.

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RegFox logo

Free online event registration software for event organizers

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RegFox is a powerful event registration platform for conferences, camps, classes, and more. It’s easy to use, highly customizable, and unbelievably affordable.

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Remo logo

Live online events platform

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Remo conference is a live online events platform that focuses on building authentic relationships by providing an immersive virtual space that simulates the real-world experience of attending events and conferences in the most effective way possible.

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Airmeet logo

All-in-one events platform to host meet-ups and conferences

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Airmeet is an all-in-one events platform for hosting virtual & hybrid conferences, meet-ups, expos, and fairs that your participants love.

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ExpoSim logo

Virtual and hybrid events management software

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ExpoSim is a hybrid event platform that helps businesses design and host white-labeled events to engage the targeted audience. Managers can gain real-time insights into event analytics, such as attendance and content consumption details using a unified interface.

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Eventtia logo

All-In-One Event Management Platform with robust open API

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Eventtia is a comprehensive event management platform designed to elevate conference experiences. From production and marketing to monetization and analytics, Eventtia offers attendee segmentation, agenda management, online registration, networking tools, real-time data insights, and more.

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Glue Up logo

All-in-One Software for Growing Your Community

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Plan, promote, execute, and eveluate your virtual and offline conferences, large and small, from the first idea to attendee follow-up with surveys and analytics after your event.

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Users also considered logo

Event creation & Effortless management system.

learn more is a cloud-based event creation & management tool designed to automate event processes including registration, reservations, payments, and more

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Event Essentials logo

Cloud-based management tools for event & festival organizers

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Let Event Essentials’ Conference modules help you to run and manage your event more efficiently giving your Attendees,

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Whereby logo

Where better meetings happen

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Whereby is the easiest to use and most reliable video meeting tool on the market. With no app or installs required - and no login for guests - Whereby users don't have to deal with clunky downloads or learning new technology. It's as simple as clicking the link and joining the meeting directly.

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Glisser logo

Virtual and hybrid events platform with engagement features

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An events platform with integrated audience response, our platform allows live streaming, presents slides to all devices instantly, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience and provide powerful event analytics while maintaining topflight security protocols.

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EventMobi logo

The Leader in Event Management and Virtual Event Platforms

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Create engaging virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences with EventMobi.

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WebinarJam logo

Webinar hosting software

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WebinarJam offers HD webinar broadcasting with interactive tools, analytics, and integration features for experts, educators, and influencers to host dynamic, engaging, and professional webinars.

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Core-Apps logo

Award-winning mobile apps for trades shows and conferences

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Event apps built to support major events, with more than 300 features to choose from.

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Guidebook logo

Codeless mobile app building platform for events & training

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Guidebook is a cloud-based DIY app building platform that allows event organizers, academic bodies and Enterprise business users to create smartphone apps without the requirement of any coding skills, by utilizing customizable templates, drag and drop editing tools, third-party integrations and more

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Angage logo

Event management platform

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Angage is a comprehensive event management platform that provides various tools and services for event organizers. It is designed to be secure, easy to use, and highly customizable, with features that can be tailored to the specific needs of each event.

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Let's Get Digital logo

Your all-in-one event solution focused on improving ROI.

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Your perfect all-in-one event solution to host virtual, hybrid, and in-person events!

With Let's Get Digital, we enhance the connections established between your attendees, amplify exhibitors' return on investment and bring in the X-factor.

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Shoflo logo

Web-based event production & management solution

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Shoflo is a web-based event management solution that allows production teams to build and share schedules and show flows with their team members in real time

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Invent App logo

Event Management Solution

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Invent App is an intuitive event management platform designed for virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid events. This platform is completely customizable for branding, colors, and design.

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Event Registration & Attendee Management Software

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CONREGO serves Organizers of Conferences and Exhibitions, Association Event Managers, Educational Institutions, Event Agencies, Sports and Entertainment Events, Government and Public Sector entities.

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Boomset logo

All-in-1 event management for onsite & hybrid event success!

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Boomset offers an all-in-one suite of award-winning event management software & apps to enhance the in-person and hybrid event experiences! Online & onsite registration, on-demand color badge printing, face recognition, lead retrieval, session management, RFID tracking, gamification and more!

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Converve logo

Custom Tailored B2B Matchmaking & Networking Events.

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Das Ideale Werkzeug für jeden Eventplaner. Registrierung, Matchmaking, Ticketing, Website Baukasten und vieles mehr. Extrem flexibel und anpassbar. Auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten.

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Momentus Technologies (formerly Ungerboeck) logo

Make it Momentus

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Momentus Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end venue and event management software solutions, including CRM, venue booking, registration, event planning, reporting, financials and more.

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Stova logo

Elevate the Epic.

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Manage your high-volume repeatable events with ease with our award-winning event technology and services platform. Create captivating, branded experiences with a sing-point solution that gives you the power to manage your entire event lifecycle.

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Localist logo

Events build communities, and communities drive growth.

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Easily reach and engage potential conference attendees and meet your attendance numbers with Localist. Our user-friendly platform makes events more discoverable and our comprehensive analytics suite gives you a holistic view of attendees; view registrations, social activity and attendee geography.

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