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Content marketing solution with automated posting

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Ghostit is a content and marketing platform which helps businesses manage processes related to creating, customizing, and posting content across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It comes with a centralized dashboard which enables users to handle marketing processes.

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Mindscroll LMS


Cloud-based learning management software

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Mindscroll LMS is a cloud-based learning management software that helps businesses design online courses and training programs for employees. Trainers can use instructor-led training (ILT) to schedule remote meetings, conduct virtual training sessions, and track employee attendance.

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Speech analytics API for sentiment analysis

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OTO helps companies to put an extra layer of security into their IT environment. Use DeepTone to measure your employees voice

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Zoho Remotely


Remote team collaboration and communication solution

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Zoho Remotely is a cloud-based suite of applications, which helps organizations connect & collaborate with remote team members and track work progress. Features include communication management, messaging, session creation, milestone setting, and task tracking.

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USB over IP software for remote working

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FlexiHub is a USB over IP software that helps multiple staff members connect to local peripherals and gain shared access to USB devices. It lets users connect the system to multiple USB and serial port devices such as Wifi adapter, smart card readers, game controllers, and more.

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Collaboration and communication tools for remote workplaces

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We innovated with a single tool that allows remote teams to work securely with military-grade encryption without jumping between multiple platforms. Adeya Business provides real-time calls, video conference calls, SMS, instant messages, group chats, secure file exchanges, perfect for 50+ employees.

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Free cloud-based platform for creating and editing videos

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FlexClip is a cloud-based video making solution that provides enterprises with tools to create and edit marketing videos. It enables users to manage projects, create storyboards, select thumbnails for video tracks, and import/export videos in various formats.

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Cloud-based business management solution

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Cloud-based business management solution that helps freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and businesses manage project communications, invoicing, reporting, and other operations.

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Cloud-based solution for managing administrative operations

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Axonaut is a cloud-based solution that helps small to midsize businesses streamline administrative processes related to customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, marketing, inventory tracking, and more.

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Connect your team with voice messaging in any app

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Use voice messaging to connect your remote or hybrid team and accelerate their workflows in every app.

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Dynamic Customer Engagement Platform

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We streamline, automate and track inbound and outbound communication efforts between organizations and their customers.

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Tasks under control. Time in focus. Projects on schedule.

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With TASKBOSS you have an overview of all tasks in your company, plan projects precisely and leverage time tracking to create invoices in record time.

Manage tasks, structure your projects and track time accurately — optimize your workflow with TASKBOSS to get the decisive advantage!

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Working Together From Anywhere

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Wurkr is a video platform that replicates your physical workspace - online! You can communicate and work with your dis

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Collaborate on your time. No more meetings, just Yacs.

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Reclaim your day with async voice & video messages to share designs, communicate with your team, and reclaim your day.

Features include:

Voice messaging
Screen sharing
Play head speed controls
Generating Sharable Links
Forwarding voice notes

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Team communication & collaboration platform for legal sector

learn more is a team communication platform designed to help businesses in legal, insurance, telehealth, real estate, and other sectors conduct online meetings and facilitate collaboration through group chats.

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