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Web collaboration software facilitates online collaboration among virtual teams. Web collaboration tools enable greater productivity and efficiency by automating knowledge base searching, work flows and task management.

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Mobile collaboration platform for inspection tasks

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Reportheld is a mobile collaboration solution designed to help solar, wind and biogas plants, as well as technical or sales field service businesses, manage processes, inspection checklists, forms, and safety information on a unified platform. It allows users to access checklists using a smartphone.

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Knowledge management software for storing company’s insights

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Stravito is a knowledge management software designed to help organizations curate and store documents related to market research and insights in a centralized repository. It enables businesses to deliver relevant content to targeted audiences using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology.

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Studio Organiser


Planning and collaboration tool for creative studios

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Studio Organiser by Fresh Focus is an online project and task management solution for creative studios and teams. The cloud-based platform assists teams with planning, briefing, scheduling, creating, and sharing creative content, whilst organizing resources and assets.

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Tasks under control. Time in focus. Projects on schedule.

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With TASKBOSS you have an overview of all tasks in your company, plan projects precisely and leverage time tracking to create invoices in record time.

Manage tasks, structure your projects and track time accurately — optimize your workflow with TASKBOSS to get the decisive advantage!

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TIO2CONNECT is for digital product planning

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TIO2CONNECT tool is for companies to work collaboratively on products. All participants can view relevant product data, exchange information, and make suggestions for improvement. The program should also streamline the implementation of customer change requests.

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Enterprise social network and social media app

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Tibbr is an enterprise social network and social media content application that provides a platform for in-company content sharing, collaboration and communication. You can create virtual workspaces using the social app, these can be used to follow and discuss projects, and more.

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Web-based collaboration tool

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Simple, Fast and Elegant CRM

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Modern and unified collaborative platform

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VisualTeams turns your physical office into a virtual office.

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Collaborative application development for SaaS apps

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Wavity is a zero-coding application designer, designed to help businesses with mobile application development. Wavity's App Hub offers a selection of ready-to-use apps and custom apps needed by any business, or users can build their own apps from scratch without the need for coding knowledge.

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The First Sales-Oriented Unified Communications Solution.

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Wildix is a global provider of unified communications solutions for simpler, more secure business communications in the digital age.

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An essential tool. Learning and engagement reinvented.

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WorkPlan Learning is the game changer for the modern workforce. Simple and intuitive by design, WorkPlan is configurable in hours rather than days. Build amazing content with quizzes, surveys, feedback and checklists to support workflows. Onboard, train, engage and track in WorkPlan Learning.

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Digital workplace and collaboration software

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Workdeck is a digital workplace software designed to help businesses manage projects, corporate travels, and leaves on a unified interface. The platform enables administrators to communicate with team members across remote, on-site, field-based, and distributed teams via chat, video conferences, and text messages in real-time.

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Online team communication and collaboration application.

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Workhive is a system for team communication and collaboration. Get work done in groups within and outside the organization easily with Workhive. Sign up for FREE.

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Collaborate on your time. No more meetings, just Yacs.

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Reclaim your day with async voice & video messages to share designs, communicate with your team, and reclaim your day.

Features include:

Voice messaging
Screen sharing
Play head speed controls
Generating Sharable Links
Forwarding voice notes

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Virtual site visiting and video assistance platform

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Smart video technology designed to make inspections, assessments, and information gathering easy - eliminating any need to travel.

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eLecta Live


Online learning, training & assessment management software

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Electa Live helps organizations plan, launch and manage online learning programs using virtual classrooms. The platform enables professionals to design multitopic audio-video/text-based courses, record meetings, deliver online lectures, and organize one-on-one or group tutoring sessions.

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iPlanWare PPM


Deliver better project, resource and portfolio management.

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iPlanWare is an on-premises/cloud/SaaS based project portfolio management (PPM) solution that ensures you select the right projects to run and then run them better. It allows you to make better use of resources, deliver more projects on time and get complete visibility of your organisation's work.

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Intelligent project collaboration & control

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iTWO cx is a cloud-based collaboration management platform that collects and manages all relevant data across projects lifecycles. It supports managements of tasks, documents, workflows and more across construction projects, with configurable features available to suit bespoke requirements.

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Live view, Edit, and Sync iManage content in SharePoint

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imDocShare Save allows users to save or “move” everything or selected folders/files within a SharePoint document library to iManage. aimDocShare Sync helps automatically perform bi-directional/one-way sync of everything or selected folders/files, including metadata fields, between a SharePoint document library and an iManage workspace. Co-Authoring using Office Client lets users co-author Office (version 2013 or above) documents in SharePoint and Teams using Office Client like Word or Excel.

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Smart reference management software

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nXr is designed not only for students, researchers, academics, theorists, scholars, and authors but also for different organizational settings where many sources are required to write and collaborate long papers like capstone papers and dissertations, and more.

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Collaborative platform for user-centered organizations.

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évolt is a collaborative platform that enables teams and organizations to lead all their projects in a user-centered way. The solution delivers a suite of specialized applications/tools, expert methods, and templates to support teams in every aspect of their work.

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