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Sapenta- Operations Management logo

Enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces.

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All-in-one enterprise software for productive, flexible and collaborative workplaces.

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Alex logo

Master your skills, know-how, training and versatility !

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Alex puts people at the heart of the factory and gives them a collaborative and mobile tool that allows them to manage know-how and optimize the versatility of operational teams. Skills, training, and operational planning in the hands of the shop floor people.

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QliqCHAT logo

HIPAA-Compliant Texting for Healthcare

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A real-time, secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for healthcare communication called QliqCHAT Secure Texting links every member of the care team and promotes efficient, patient-focused cooperation.

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Catipult logo

AI-driven world-class strategic focus & alignment for SMBs.

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Catipult creates a world-class strategic, KPI-based plan and implements the Rockefeller Habits in your company quickly and simultaneously. Manage your KPIs, rocks, and projects. Align teams. Increase your valuation. Save a ton of management time.

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leitzcloud logo

Secure cloud storage solution for companies of all sizes

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leitzcloud is a cloud storage solution for companies of any size to securely store, synchronize and share data from anywhere from any device. Protect your data with secure encryption, German datacenter and GDPR-compliance. Web-Editor included.

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Suppeco logo

Collaborative supplier relationship management software

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Suppeco delivers a paradigm shift in B2B attitude - leveraging customer-supplier relationships to drive collaborative performance excellence, relationship driven resilience, and operational sustainability deep into the ecosystem & supply chain.

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SharpCloud Software logo

Make data compelling, not complex.

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Data visualization software that transforms business data into engaging visual stories, helping you make smarter strategic decisions.

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Vidcast logo

Screen Recording Platform

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Vidcast is a communication platform that allows you to reach your remote teams on your own time with short videos instead of conference calls or emails.

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Kolabrya logo

Real-time collaboration platform

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An AI-enhanced tool adept at crafting real-time visual representations of discussions, greatly enhancing clarity and comprehension. This innovative solution transforms verbal interactions into clear, visual formats, aiding in better understanding and retention of information.

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Praxie logo

Digitize Your Business 10x Faster at One-Tenth the Cost

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Digitize Your Business 10x Faster at One-Tenth the Cost - Transform your organization with AI-powered processes, dashboards, and applications.

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Jile logo

Web-based collaboration, Agile planning, and delivery tool

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Jile is a multi-language application that enables companies to align team execution strategies, promoting customer satisfaction. Key features are budget & idea management, Kanban boards, project planning & management, KPI monitoring, Gantt charts, milestone & project tracking, and quality assurance.

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UCx logo

All-in-one calling, IM and video meetings

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UCx with Webex transforms the way employees work with a single, simple to use communication and collaboration app for calling, messaging and meeting with anyone, anywhere on any device. It includes secure HD video, messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding built-in call control functionality and more.

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Swit logo

Collaboration suite for small teams and large enterprises

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Swit is a collaboration software suite designed to help software developers & businesses in the education sector track task progress, manage project timelines, and share files. Multiple filters and views enable sorting of tasks based on team, work category, task status, and timeline.

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Ezassi logo

Collaborative idea management platform

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Ezassi is a cloud-based idea management platform, which helps businesses crowdsource, assess, and acquire ideas from internal and external sources. Features include automated scoring, product lifecycle management, custom workflows, an idea repository, reporting, and analytics.

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ShotGrid logo

Project Management for Film, TV, and Video Games

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ShotGrid is a creative project management solution that orchestrates product tracking/scheduling, task workflows, and asset management for the Film, TV, and Video Game industries.

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Users also considered logo

Chat platform for streamlining business communication

learn more is an AI-powered team chat platform that makes it easier for groups of any size to interact and work together more efficiently than ever before.

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VitalTeam logo

Develop collaboration and participation in your teams

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You wish to change the way of working in your company? VitalTeam helps you to implement participation and collaboration within your teams.

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ITC Cloud logo

Business Communication. Simplified.

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Step into the future with ITC Cloud! Say goodbye to communication complexities. Collaborate effortlessly from anywhere on any device. Our 24/7 help desk ensures your business success. We're committed to exceeding your expectations. Trust ITC Cloud to take your communication to new heights!

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