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VisualTeams logo

Modern and unified collaborative platform

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VisualTeams turns your physical office into a virtual office.

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PixelMixer logo

Knowledge-Sharing and Collaboration Platform

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Empower your teams with instant access to critical information.

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Polish logo

Visual feedback tool for design and product teams

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Polish is a visual feedback tool that can be used by designers, product managers, and developers. It allows teams to share unfinished design images with colleagues, clients, and and other stakeholders for instant collaboration. Polish enables teams to stay on the same page.

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3D Repo logo

Cloud-based software for Building Information Modeling data

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3D Repo is a digital platform for managing Building Information Modeling (BIM) data. Engineers, architects, and contractors can use it to manage the 3D model revisions. By democratizing data, construction industries can mitigate risk and minimize complexities by removing barriers to collaboration.

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CA Service Desk Manager logo

Knowledge base management software for the IT sector

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CA Service Desk Manager is an IT service management software designed to help businesses manage service requests, configurations, incidents, and other desk operations. The platform enables administrators to collaborate with team members on a unified interface.

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Elcom CMS logo

Cost-effective CMS for organisations of all sizes

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Elcom is a powerful intranet solution designed to enhance internal communication, collaboration, and productivity within organisations.

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Enterprise Operating System logo

Business intelligence and project management software

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Enterprise Operating System is a cloud-based businesses intelligence and analytics suite of solutions that helps businesses collect real-time data from multiple sources and gain actionable insights into operations of various departments.

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LearnCube logo

Virtual classroom for businesses of all sizes

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LearnCube is a virtual classroom that provides online education tools for businesses & helps users manage online teaching, class scheduling, payment processing & more. It allows teachers, tutors & trainers to teach online using audio, video, digital material, an interactive whiteboard & more.

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Edulastic logo

Collaboration software for the education sector

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Edulastic is a collaboration software that helps educational institutions and teachers use videos as well as articles to create online lessons and share them with students. The productivity platform enables tutors to conduct assessments and measure learners’ performance on a unified interface.

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Zimbra Cloud logo

Email and productivity suite with dedicated audit logs

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Zimbra Cloud is a web-based email and productivity suite of solutions, which helps businesses streamline collaboration across teams through email communications, file sharing, calendar, document creation, and other capabilities to increase productivity and engagement. It lets teams seamlessly switch between mobile, desktop, and tablet browsers while ensuring a consistent collaboration and email experience.

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Crocagile logo

Project collaboration software for agile teams

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Crocagile is an agile project collaboration software which provides software development teams with a gamification workspace, social dashboard & smart cards

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Olympia Engage logo

Performance management & employee engagement system

learn more
Olympia Engage is a comprehensive performance management and employee engagement system for businesses of any type and size. It is designed to increase team collaboration and morale in the workplace. The system includes features for goal management, custom branding, digital signage, plus more.

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Driff logo

The game-changing online collaboration app.

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Driff enables game-changing online collaborations for ambitious agencies & business service providers. Driff is designed and built in close collaboration with our end-users, to keep it tailored fit for purpose and affordable. Launch your Driff for free and test drive it for 30 days.

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JAVAT 365 logo

A New, Better and Easier Way To Collaborate With Your Team

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Better Collaboration Tool for Smart Organizations

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Space logo

An all-in-one solution for software projects and teams

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JetBrains Space is an intelligent code collaboration platform for developer-driven teams.

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Cansulta logo

Collaboration tool for finding relevant consultants

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Cansulta is the digital bridge between businesses and vetted consultants. It is a website where clients can find, meet, and work with experienced business consultants.

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PlanningPME logo

Employee scheduling solution

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PlanningPME is an employee scheduling solution that adapts to all types of companies, whatever their sector of activity (construction, manufacturing, IT, public works, services...). PlanningPME allows you to efficiently manage your employees, your events and to share information in real time.

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Users also considered logo

Create a customizable start page

learn more is a cloud-based customizable start page that helps users centralize their vital web links and tools. Designed for individuals and teams, it organizes bookmarks, facilitates shared access, and boosts productivity.

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Zinc logo

Team communication software for driving employee engagement

learn more
Zinc (formerly Cotap) is a collaboration software designed to help businesses in hospitality, retail, and healthcare sectors, communicate with field technicians to provide customer service. Managers can send custom broadcast messages to field employees based on their location, team, role or skills.

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