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nTopology logo

Windows-based computer-aided design software for engineers

learn more
nTopology offers engineers and designers tools to streamline performance, overcome design bottlenecks, and supplement traditional software. Key features include computer-aided design (CAD) tools, data import & export, design analysis, manufacturing design data, reporting, analytics, and more.

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Space Designer 3D logo

Cloud-based interior design & floor plan solution

learn more
Space Designer 3D is an online application that enables architects, real estate consultants, and designers to draw floor plans in 2D and visualize them in 3D

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SimSolid logo

Structural analysis software for rapid design iterations.

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SimSolid is a cloud-based software that offers users structural analysis tools to make faster and more effective changes to design iterations.

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Floorfy logo

Automatic 3D tours, floorplans & more for estate agents.

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Software for real estate agents, that automatically generates 3D virtual tours, floorplans, immsersive video-calls and live Open House events.

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Sloyd logo

AI 3D model generator tool

learn more
Sloyd is a 3D modeling generating tool. Users can enter a text prompt or select a generator, tweak, and export for customization.

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Render Plus Suite logo

3D Architecture & CAD tool for creating & rendering drawings

learn more
Render Plus is a 3D CAD suite that helps SketchUp, AutoCAD, and Revit users create and render designs by applying materials, reflection, lighting, and more. It includes a variety of solutions including ArielVision, IRender nXt, RpTreeMaker, and SpaceDesign, enabling professionals to design 3D scenes and client presentations as well as generate custom reports.

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HoloBuilder logo

Capture, view, and control project progress with 360°

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HoloBuilder enables construction teams to document and access site progress with ease.

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Inertia logo

Construction management software

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Inertia is a construction management software that helps businesses with project management, job site coordination, and compliance management. The platform enables managers to collaborate, track progress, and communicate across teams.

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Quick3DPlan logo

3D kitchen and bathroom design program

learn more
Quick3DPlan is a kitchen and bathroom design software with advanced design tools. It allows users to create customizable projects of any kind with a library of objects and materials. Its ability to generate photorealistic images with professional lighting is highly valued by clients.

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Surfy logo

Space management software

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Surfy provides a workplace management platform with digital building plans, agile data handling, space optimisation, cost tracking, and compliance support for various operational and environmental requirements, ensuring efficient employee allocation and process adaptation for dynamic work models.

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Adobe Substance 3D logo

3D Design

learn more
Design suite that allows users to create 3D designs. This software includes features such as texturizing assets and rendering scenes intuitively. Users can connect workflows to Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

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3D Repo logo

Cloud-based software for Building Information Modeling data

learn more
3D Repo is a digital platform for managing Building Information Modeling (BIM) data. Engineers, architects, and contractors can use it to manage the 3D model revisions. By democratizing data, construction industries can mitigate risk and minimize complexities by removing barriers to collaboration.

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Users also considered logo

Cloud-based 3D architecture software

learn more is the easiest-to-use 3D content creation platform in the world. Create customizable 3D visuals of your products in minutes. No 3D skills required.

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Users also considered
LightningCad logo

The sophistication of CAD with the simplicity of CPQ.

learn more
LightningCAD is an online user-guided design platform that is customized to your business. The sophistication of CAD and the simplicity of CPQ, LightningCAD solutions translate your business rules into a dynamic 2D/3D end to end design/configure solution that will help your business scale.

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BrioXR logo

Augmented reality, virtual reality & 3D visualization tool

learn more
BRIOXR is a cloud-based virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D product visualization solution which allows users to showcase their standard & 360 videos. The codeless, drag-and-drop platform allows users to customize their content experiences with animations, triggers & clickable links.

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Home Design 3D logo

3D architectural and interior design app.

learn more
Home Design 3D is a cloud-based home design solution for architectural and interior design professionals, home design enthusiasts, and students, which provides features such as 3D floor plan rendering, import/export, and customizable templates.

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OpalAi ScanTo3D logo

The fastest floor planning solution for iOS devices

learn more
OpalAi is the fastest solution for autonomous floor plan creation. Simply scan the space with your smartphone or tablet and generate 2D, 3D and digital twins in AutoCAD, Revit, BIM, or any other format of your choice.

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TestFit logo

Set Your Sites on Better Feasibility

learn more
TestFit's real estate feasibility platform makes it easy to do site planning. Our real-time AI configurators allow for rapid iterations to get deals done quickly.

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IDEA Architecture logo

Building information modeling (BIM) software

learn more
IDEA Architecture is a building information modeling (BIM) software designed to help organizations create 2D and 3D architectural designs and manage rendering, animation, 4D scheduling, 5D costing, and other operations. The application enables users to modify different BIM entities like length, width, and angle of beams, roofs, walls and stairs, rotation in gables, and more via a unified portal.

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Homestyler logo

Floor plan software

learn more
Homestyler is an interior designing software that enables users to design and decorate homes virtually. With its drag-and-drop design tools and 3D modeling capabilities, users can create and visualize their dream homes from scratch.

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Allplan logo

End-to-end BIM solution with reliable data exchange

learn more
Allplan is a 3D BIM design solution that provides powerful collaboration tools, integrated 3D/2D modeling, and reliable data exchange to assist AEC professionals in managing the end-to-end building lifecycle. From initial draft to structural drawings, Allplan supports the entire design process and is completely flexible for any project.

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VizTerra logo

Cloud-based 3D landscape design software

learn more
VizTerra is a cloud-based 3D landscape design software, which helps architects create and transform 2D drawings into 3D and share interactive presentations with clients. The application enables professionals to design outdoor living spaces using a drag-and-drop 3D library.

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Coohom logo

Web-based augmented reality, 3D modeling, and rendering tool

learn more
Coohom is an interior design application that helps interior designers, architects, homeowners, students, and real estate agents to draw and render 3D floor plans. Key attributes include content creation, virtual reality, usage analysis, 3D modeling, simulation, and drag-and-drop tools.

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abstractBIM logo

Building information modeling platform for AECO industries

learn more
abstractBIM is a building information modeling (BIM) software that helps businesses in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industries design, create and simulate BIM models from within a unified platform.

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RFEM logo

Structural analysis and design software

learn more
The 3D FEA structural analysis program RFEM meets all requirements in modern civil engineering. Sophisticated input technology allows you to quickly learn to operate the program and ensures the efficient and intuitive modeling of simple and complex structures.

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