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Manage-IT by Atser

Web-based construction management software suite

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Manage-IT by Atser overview

What is Manage-IT by Atser?

Manage-IT, offered by ATSER, is a web-based software solution that provides an integrated document management system for all phases of a construction program including planning, design, operations, construction and maintenance. The product is an integrated toolbox consisting of other solutions from the vendor including Assure-IT for testing and quality control, Track-IT for document control and Construct-IT for construction cycle management.

Manage-IT simplifies program management using GIS maps of all projects as well as helps to track fund sources, budget controls & costs and manage bids. The software provides real-time information on project updates and enables the management team to review, schedule, cost and quality-check the project during the different phases of work. The document management module supports communication and interactive management among team members by offering features such as web-based filing cabinet, workspace for collaboration, document history control, keyword based searches and role-based access rights. The product also offers quality management features that help in compliance management, vendor management, field inspections and reporting. Statistical data analysis, checklists for best practices, alerts and electronic communication channels are also supported by the tool.

Manage-IT can be used to monitor and manage various types of small and large projects in multiple industry segments. Some of the key projects completed using Aster's products include George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Washington Dot Tacoma Narrow Bridge, Houston Independent School District project and Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation project.


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Manage-IT by Atser screenshot: Interested customers can schedule a demo session with ATSER for Manage-IT solutionManage-IT by Atser screenshot: George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one of the major projects undertaken by ATSERManage-IT by Atser screenshot: Manage-IT helps to monitor and manage every aspect of a construction project

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Youstina Tanaghou

Nice product! lots of different features that are helpful and overall it is very helpful. easy to us

Reviewed 2017-04-17
Review Source: Capterra

customer service is great! I loved their people, very helpful and nice. overall quality and customer service are the best!

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Manage-IT by Atser features

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Additional information for Manage-IT by Atser

Key features of Manage-IT by Atser

  • Bid management
  • Budget control
  • Compliance audit management
  • Asset management
  • GPS locations
  • Real-time job cost
  • Project lifecycle management
  • Compatibility with mobile devices
  • Project controls
  • Quality management
  • Real-time individual test reports
  • Keyword searches
  • Supplier management
  • Document management
  • Alerts for critical dates and issues
  • Role-based password protected rights
  • Electronic workflow
  • Cash flow management
  • GIS maps
  • Document control with versioning
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● Manage-IT is a web-based software that provides document management support for all phases of a construction project and helps to improve communication between all team members.

● The quality management module offers features such as checklists for best practices in design and construction activities, compliance reports, data collection & analysis and reporting.

● The construction management module allows users to manage the project lifecycle of multiple projects and assists the managers with contract information, change order information, schedule interface, cost and budget control, work-in-progress determination and bid tabulation.

● The software solution provides workspace for project collaboration, online filing cabinet, electronic drawing and design management, scanning of key documents and auto-linking features.

● Manage-IT is compatible with all browsers and operating systems and can also be accessed on mobile devices.