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Roof Wizard logo

Roof modeling and cost-estimating software for contractors

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Roof Wizard is a roof modeling and cost-estimating tool from AppliCad designed for roofing specialists, siding contractors, and estimators. It can model 3D structures using aerial images and PDF files, draft cladding & roofing proposals, generate cutting lists, and send order forms.

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WinEst Essentials logo

Value-packed estimation and budgeting solution

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WinEst Essentials is the value-packed estimating solution for your entire estimate creation workflow. From initial conceptual budgeting to specialty execution, WinEst Essentials provides the tools you need to confidently make profitable decisions based on real-world data. Our subscription includes digital takeoff, up-to-date cost databases, drawing and document manipulation capabilities, product training, and collaboration tools.

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Tolteck logo

Tolteck, the best app for estimating and invoicing software.

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Tolteck will allow you to easily and fastly documents that will be clear and professional. Designed for self-employed persons or small companies, less than 5 employees. No matter the type of trade: general, electricity, plumbing, remodelling, even landscaping! We adapt to all.

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ToolTime logo

User-friendly job management software for tradespeople

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ToolTime is a user-friendly software that revolutionises job management for tradespeople. ToolTime users can generate quotes and invoices in seconds, document jobs on the go, accurately track and manage time, schedule appointments and much more.

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CostMiner logo

Construction estimating software for small businesses

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CostMiner is a construction estimating software designed to help small businesses and contractors manage takeoffs, project costs, job estimates, and progress claims on a centralized platform. Administrators can export estimates and reports in Microsoft Excel format.

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Red Rhino logo

Electrical estimating for contractors

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Red Rhino is a cloud-based electrical estimating tool for contractors, which aims to provide users with the tools to create accurate estimates whether in the field or in the office. The fully integrated system offers modules for estimating, biling, project management, and purchasing.

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JobFLEX logo

Web & mobile job estimating & invoicing app for contractors

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JobFLEX is an invoicing & estimating web & mobile app which allows contractors & construction companies to create & send invoices & estimates to customers

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CrewTraka logo

Digital power tools for construction businesses

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CrewTraka offers simple app-driven tools that streamline day-to-day processes including market-leading scheduling. Crew can log GPS-enabled timesheets, complete safety docs, daily expenses, and job dockets, and even apply for leave.

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BuildOps CRM+ logo

Sales and estimating solution for service contractors

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Shark Byte CRM is a cloud-based project estimating tool designed for mechanical contractors to automate business processes via mobile surveys, estimating & proposal generation. The reports & dashboards are designed to provide insight into the sales funnel, enabling optimization of sales performance.

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Chalkstring logo

Cloud-based construction estimating and management software

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Chalkstring is a cloud-based software designed to help construction contractors and subcontractors streamline project estimating, procurement, job costing, and progress tracking operations via a unified portal. It enables businesses to measure construction areas, lines, and perimeters, and import and mark up drawings with sketches and comments.

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magicplan logo

Residential construction estimating solution for contractors

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Instantly create and share floor plans, field reports, and estimates with one easy-to-use application.

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Assemble logo

Cloud-based data management solution for construction

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Streamline model-based takeoff and change management. Organize project data by user-defined parameters like bid package, locations, phases, WBS, and work activity codes. Understand, visualize, and quantify changes occurring within each design iteration.

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ProyecPro logo

Builders and construction professionals

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ProyecPro a cloud-based platform provides multiple functionalities to builders.
The dynamic and intuitive system covers all project processes such as: budgeting, planning,
programming and control.

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Pricebook Plus logo

Cloud-based proposal generation software for HVAC dealers

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PricebookPlus is a proposal generation software designed to help heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) dealers manage leads, track pricing, create presentations, and streamline the sales cycle. It lets supervisors handle manufacturer incentives and financing processes.

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EZcontractPro logo

Proposal creation & invoicing for technicians & contractors

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EZcontractPro is a cloud-based platform which assists plumbers, remodelers, handymen, electricians, and other contractors with invoicing and proposal generation. Key features include custom layouts, change order management, a customer database, and payment tracking.

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Twenty20 logo

Project management & estimating for construction companies

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Twenty20 Construction Cloud is a mobile business & project management, estimating, accounting, sales, & HR solution for construction companies

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Cubit logo

Construction estimating and takeoff software

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Cubit delivers a unique and natural solution for estimating building and construction projects. By combining estimating and takeoff in one software, it saves users time and money. Cubit is suited to estimators, quantity surveyors, builders, contractors and subcontractors.

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PaintScout logo

Leading estimation software for painting contractors

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PaintScout is the leading estimation software dedicated solely to the needs of painting contractors, allowing users to create accurate estimates in less time while streamlining their workflow and sales processes.

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Quick Bid logo

Estimating program for construction professionals

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Quick Bid is a construction estimating software for a variety of trades that helps contractors minimize data-entry mistakes and fine-tune labor production

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Next One Technology logo

End-to-end construction project management software

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Next Project is a comprehensive construction management software. It streamlines all aspects of construction projects from procurement to invoicing. Key features include time reporting, work orders, invoicing, project planning, business systems, integrations, procurement, variation orders, and more.

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Onsite logo

Cloud-based construction management software

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Onsite is a cloud-based construction management platform designed for contractors, builders, architects, interior designers, studios, construction companies, and developers. The tool allows users to generate project estimates, monitor payments, calculate vendor balances, and record labor attendance for salary computations.

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Technical real estate management made in Germany.

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CLOUDBRIXX.REAL is a cloud-based software for tech. real estate management that allows the industry to build a future oriented digital ecosystem in their company. Typical customers are funds managers, property managers, asset managers and (corporate) family offices.

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WennSoft logo

Master the smart building and smart services ecosystem.

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WennSoft offers innovative solutions for the field services and construction space with our industry-leading Signature suite, BOB the Building Optimization Broker, and a unique smart building ecosystem offering integrating building analytics + service workflow automation.

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123worx logo

Cloud-Based Construction Management Software Platform

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123worx is an integrated software platform designed for the construction industry. 123worx is a construction project management software that is best suited for general contractors, home builders, custom builders, renovators/remodelers and trades. Features include email and calendar management, a contact database and document management. Features are tailored dependent on use case, whether on-site workers & staff, on-site project managers and supervisors, or sales, HR or other teams.

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ConGenius logo

Build Like No One Else.

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ConGenius is cloud-based estimating software that allows construction businesses to save time and create more accurate estimates and proposals to win more of the right jobs.

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