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Construction Estimating Software

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Contractor Foreman logo

Contractor Foreman


All-in-One Construction Management Software

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Easily create estimates from your phone, tablet or computer. Copy items from a previous estimate template or import them from your cost items database. Once finished, send the Estimate to the client to collect their online signature and approval. Convert the Estimate to a Schedule to save time.

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Sage Estimating logo

Sage Estimating


Automated enterprise estimation

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Sage Estimating is an enterprise construction estimating and construction design application that enables businesses to create accurate stock and sales predictions. The software is completely automated and generates reports/updates your databases and spreadsheets with real-time results.

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Buildertrend logo



Work simpler

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Work simpler. Our construction management platform empowers contractors to take control of projects and bring efficiency, organization and seamless communication to every aspect of their business.

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ProEst logo



Construction estimating software

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ProEst is the industry’s leading cloud-based estimating and pre-construction management software, offering contractors new levels of process efficiency, information accuracy, and team collaboration.

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Houzz Pro logo

Houzz Pro


Business management software for contractors and architects

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Houzz Pro is a business management software that is built for enterprises in the residential building, remodeling, and design industries. Contractors can streamline payment scheduling and online invoicing processes as well as track activities through a client dashboard and project timelines.

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Procore logo



Construction Project Management

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Procore construction software manages your construction projects, resources and financials from planning to closeout. Procore helps owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors increase project efficiency & accountability by streamlining project communication & documentation.

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Clear Estimates logo

Clear Estimates


Cloud-based contracting estimation tool for builders

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Windows-based estimating software that generates bids and proposals while managing a part/customer database.

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InEight logo



Proven project certainty.

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InEight Estimate provides accuracy and multi-user collaboration throughout the entire estimating process. Featuring capabilities for historical benchmarking and CPM schedule integration, InEight Estimate gives you the confidence to know the job can be built for the budgeted cost.

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STACK logo



Takeoff, estimating, project management & field productivity

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Easy-to-use, cloud-based takeoff and estimating software for construction contractors. Mac & PC compatible. Free training and support! Get Your Free STACK account today!

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Active Takeoff logo

Active Takeoff


Full featured on-screen takeoff. Whatever the trade.

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Thanks to its inherent simplicity, Active Takeoff will instantly boost your productivity on all your takeoff and estimating jobs. Even if you've never used a computer before!

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Square Takeoff logo

Square Takeoff


Cloud-based takeoff & estimating software

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Bid More, Win More, Earn More with the Industry Leading Online Takeoff and Estimating Solution. Square Takeoff is designed to work with any project phase or construction trade.

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Centerpoint Connect logo

Centerpoint Connect


Business Management solution for roofing contractors.

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Centerpoint Connect is a web-based business management solution specifically designed for roofing contractors. Centerpoint Connect includes CRM, Inspections, Service Management, and Project Management capabilities.

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SharpeSoft Estimator logo

SharpeSoft Estimator


Cost estimating tool for the construction industry

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SharpeSoft Estimator is a cost estimating tool for the construction industry. This software allows contractors organize bids, compare item quantities and pricing from multiple subcontractors and vendors, manage their own contractor information, and more. SharpeSoft provides integrated tools for managing labor, equipment and subcontractor costing, contractor and subcontractor management, bid management, and more.

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Knowify logo



Integrated mobile contractor management platform

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For commercial subs and residential remodelers looking to run a more productive business. All-in-one solution with real-time insights.

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Quick Bid logo

Quick Bid


Estimating program for construction professionals

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Quick Bid is a construction estimating software for a variety of trades that helps contractors minimize data-entry mistakes and fine-tune labor production

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FastWRAP logo



Mechanical insulation estimating software

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FastWRAP is a mechanical insulation estimating software solution.

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ConstructionOnline logo



Web-based project management tool for construction sector

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UDA ConstructionOnline is a web-based software that helps businesses in the construction industry streamline project management, scheduling, and client communications. It allows remodelers and home builders to utilize a centralized dashboard to track updates and changes across projects.

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise logo

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise


Enterprise accounting, FSM and inventory management solution

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an accounting software for small businesses which provides users with real-time access to customer, employee, and vendor information. The software includes tools for managing inventory, shipping, sales orders, pricing, tasks, invoicing, reporting, and more.

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ClockShark logo



GPS Time Tracking for Construction and Field Service

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ClockShark is the leading time tracking and scheduling software built for local construction, field service and franchises that want a simpler way to track mobile employee time, run payroll quickly and accurately, and understand job costs.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud logo

Autodesk Construction Cloud


Connect data, workflows, and teams

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Accurate takeoffs drive competitive estimates. Win more work by delivering timely estimates made from precise takeoffs. A cloud-based platform ensures you're always working with the latest documents, and enables you to collaborate efficiently with every construction team.

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Bluebeam Revu logo

Bluebeam Revu


PDF editing & markup on the go with collaboration built-in

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Where would your design and build projects end up without construction estimation software that keeps your projects on time and on budget? With Bluebeam Revu®, your construction projects are streamlined, efficient, and ready to act upon.

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CoConstruct logo



Construction software for home builders and remodelers

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Single-entry spreadsheet estimating that syncs with proposals and bid management

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AccuLynx logo



Roofing Contractor App & Software

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AccuLynx is a web-based business management software designed for speciality trade contractors, particularly roofing & exterior contractors. The software provides tools for lead & sales pipeline management, CRM, job management & material ordering, as well as native mobile apps for Android & iPhone.

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QuickBooks Online Advanced logo

QuickBooks Online Advanced


Accounting & business management for small businesses

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QuickBooks Online Advanced is a web-based accounting & business management solution which enables small businesses to track sales, inventory, financial accounts & payroll from a single dashboard

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HeavyBid logo



Estimating software for the construction industry

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HeavyBid by HCSS is a scalable bidding and estimating software for contractors of all types and sizes in the construction industry

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Construction Estimating Software

What is construction estimating software?

Construction estimating software, also known as construction bidding software or cost estimation software, helps general contractors, builders, and construction professionals create accurate and clear estimates of the cost of a construction project. It allows them to calculate the cost of materials, labor, and other costs associated with a project and generate a detailed budget. A construction estimating tool typically includes a database of construction costs and materials, as well as tools for creating and managing estimates. It also helps contractors place competitive bids, accurately plan and manage their projects, and stay within budget.

What is the best construction estimating software?

Considering the wide variety of construction management software tools available on the market, it can be difficult to select the right software solution for your business. To help narrow your search and find the best solution based on user reviews, you can look at GetApp’s Category Leaders report for construction estimating software. This report features top-ranking construction estimating software having the highest ratings for ease of use, functionality, customer support, value for money, and the likelihood of a recommendation.

How does construction estimating software work?

Construction estimating software collects relevant information about a construction project, such as the size and scope of the project, location, raw materials, and labor required. The tool then uses this data to generate an accurate estimate of the total project cost broken down by category (for example, materials, labor, and equipment rentals). The tool provides several features to help you accomplish this. These include:

  • Cost database: Create and maintain individual cost structures and data sets for labor, equipment, and material costs and refer to them when creating project estimates.

  • Job costing: Calculate the approximate itemized costs, including initial costs and any other charges involved in completing a job by using historical data and estimates for labor, material, and equipment costs.

  • Proposal generation: Use cost estimates to generate professional-looking bid proposals. This feature helps general contractors create accurate bids and prevent under/overbidding.

Should I upgrade from Microsoft Excel to construction estimating software?

Whether you should upgrade from Microsoft Excel to construction estimating software depends on your specific needs, the size and complexity of your projects, the number of estimates you need to create, and your budget. Microsoft Excel may be a good option for small projects, while construction estimating software is a better choice for larger and more complex projects. Here are a few factors to consider before making a decision.

  • Features: Microsoft Excel has basic tools for creating and manipulating spreadsheets, but it does not have many specialized features available in construction estimating software. For example, construction estimate software may include pre-built cost databases, automatic calculations, and integration with project management software.

  • Accuracy: Microsoft Excel can be prone to errors, especially for more complex estimates. Construction estimating software is designed to be more accurate and may include features such as automatic calculations and built-in checks to help reduce the risk of errors.

  • Efficiency: Microsoft Excel can be time-consuming for construction estimating, especially for larger and more complex projects. Construction estimating software is designed to be more efficient, with features such as automatic calculations and the ability to import and export data quickly.

How does construction estimating software help SMBs?

  • Centralized data location: Construction estimating software helps small businesses in the construction industry store and organize all of their project data in one place. This can make it easier to track cost estimates, schedule work, and monitor progress, which can help SMBs stay on top of their projects and meet deadlines.

  • Streamlined estimation and bidding process: Construction estimating software gathers and processes details from cost databases and historical estimates, streamlining the creation of accurate cost estimates for various projects. It saves time and reduces the risk of errors, which helps SMBs improve their bottom line. The cost-estimating software solution helps them prepare proposals and submit quotes for multiple projects and win more bids.

  • Improved estimation accuracy: Construction estimating software keeps track of all essential data such as material and labor costs, subcontractor expenses, equipment charges, inventories, transportation costs, etc. This helps users calculate material and labor costs more accurately, eliminate any guesswork, and avoid underbidding or overbidding on projects.