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Exaudi DMP logo

Exaudi DMP


User data management platform

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exaudi Audience Platform collects and makes user data available. Import Data from any source, manage it to build the best performing Audience and activate it to any external Platform users use to deliver their messages. Download Reports and Insights for an advanced post-evaluation.

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Finicity logo



Financial Data Aggregation

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Finicity is a provider of a financial data aggregation and insight platform that empowers financial organizations around the world to streamline financial decision-making.

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Adsquare logo



Tool for audience and proximity targeting of customers.

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adsquare is a tool for analyzing potential customers, with various analysis options available. In addition to audience targeting, which defines new target groups and addresses existing target groups, there is also a proximity targeting option.

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Consent Preference Management logo

Consent Preference Management


Consent management platform

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The Consent Preference Management (CPM) is a centralized dashboard app within Adzapier that allows users to manage preferences across multiple channels by collecting and storing consumer consent on the Adzapier platform, thus enabling businesses to reach out to customers through the most conventional channel.

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