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Sauce Labs logo

Performance testing software for the IT sector

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Sauce Labs is an automated testing solution that helps businesses test multiple virtual machines across various browsers and device combinations. The platform enables managers to pair the solution with continuous integration (CI) system to test native and mobile web applications during development cycles.

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LaunchDarkly logo

LaunchDarkly is the platform to help engineering teams build

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Build products customers love.

Maximize the value of every software feature through automation and feature management.

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Cyclr logo

Embedded integration platform for SaaS

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Cyclr is an embedded integration platform (embedded IPaaS) for SaaS applications, giving developers an API connectivity solution for their application's users.

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Artifactory logo

Artifact repository manager for software development teams

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JFrog Artifactory is a binary repository management SaaS solution that provides software development and DevOps teams with a single source of truth for sourcing, storing, sharing, and deploying software components. Release your software with security and ease.

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Puppet Enterprise logo

IT management tool for automating multi-cloud infrastructure

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Puppet Enterprise is designed to help businesses automate the configuration of multi-cloud infrastructures via a unified platform. It enables IT teams to streamline application deployment timeframes, create, test, and deploy infrastructure codes, and automate operational workflows in real-time.

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CodeScan logo

Quality and Security for the Salesforce Platform

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For Salesforce DevOps teams, CodeScan helps businesses scan and analyze Salesforce codes, define quality and security standards, and ensure compliance with statutory guidelines across code development projects. We have 350+ rules and support all Salesforce languages and Metadata.

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DeployBot logo

Code deployment management software

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Deploybot is a cloud-based code deployment tool designed to help organizations build and deploy codes using a unified portal. The platform enables teams to establish consistent processes to help teams deploy code within an open interface or integration protocol.

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Plandek logo

Build software better with Plandek Value Stream Metrics

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Build software better with Plandek DevOps Value Stream Metrics solution. With a simple set up process, Plandek helps you analyse the software delivery process, offering deep insights into where teams can improve quality, speed and other key metrics within their software engineering processes.

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TARA  logo

AI-powered product builder

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Tara AI is an intelligent product builder for product managers, founders, non-technical executives, and CxOs which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate product development and automatically scope projects, build task lists, assign developers, and more

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Clever Cloud logo

Platform as a Service with add-on APIs

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Clever Cloud is a Platform as a Service designed to help organizations operate, automate, and scale their businesses with various runtimes and add-ons. It lets teams get an overview of the current state of scalers, and current RAM, CPU, disk, and network activity.

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Bamboo logo

Continuous delivery pipeline

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Bamboo is a continuous integration and deployment platform by Atlassian that unifies automated builds, tests and releases in a single workflow. Bamboo can be used to integrate software projects with third party tools such as Hudson and TFS.

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CodeScene logo

Next Generation Code Analysis

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CodeScene is a code analysis, visualization, and reporting tool. Cross reference contextual factors such as code quality, team dynamics, and delivery output to get actionable insights to effectively reduce technical debt and deliver better code quality.

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StreamSets Platform logo

An end-to-end platform for smart data pipelines

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An end-to-end data integration platform to build, run, monitor and manage smart data pipelines that deliver continuous data for DataOps.

- Single Experience for All Patterns
- Smart Pipelines Built for Change
- Mission Control for Hybrid/Multi-cloud

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Pluralsight Flow logo

Productivity analytics and reporting for software teams

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Pluralsight Flow is a cloud-based productivity analytics solution designed for software teams. The platform aggregates historical git data to generate reports and insights for managers and stakeholders directly from data in the codebase to provide visibility into team workflow patterns.

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Pantheon logo

WebOps platform for agile marketing and development teams

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Pantheon is a cloud-based agile development platform which provides a range of solutions including agile workflows, WebOps tools, and security features, plus hosting for Drupal and WordPress sites. The platform is aimed at both marketing and development teams, and enables agility & rapid iteration.

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Mia-Platform logo

Cloud-based platform builder for IT teams

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Mia-Platform is a cloud-based digital platform builder that helps information technology (IT) organizations create cloud-native applications based on APIs, microservices, and DevOps on Kubernetes.

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Incredibuild logo

Development platform to manage compilation, test & release

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Incredibuild is a cloud-based and on-premise agile development platform, which helps businesses across IT, finance, manufacturing, automotive and various other industries streamline compilations, testing and release automation processes during application building.

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BuildPiper logo

Delivering software just got faster

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BuildPiper is a product by OpsTree Labs, which is an end-to-end Kubernetes and microservices Delivery Platform. It is a hybrid cloud-enabled system that facilitates the deployment of dockerized code across multiple environments.

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Sigrid logo

One platform to manage your entire application landscape

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Sigrid® is a data-driven software intelligence platform, that will analyze the source code of all your applications, no matter the technology, and derive holistic insights into risks, costs, and opportunities on multiple software quality aspects and provide strategic recommendations.

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Sofy logo

The modern no-code testing platform for engineers

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Sofy is a no-code test automation platform that uses AI powered testing to enable “create once and run anywhere” tests without a single line of code. Using our library of real devices, run manual, automated and exploratory tests, and release great apps.

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Resilio Active Everywhere logo

Data transfer & synchronization for enterprises

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Resilio Active Everywhere is a file transfer and synchronization platform for tech, logistics, engineering, & retail enterprises with P2P technology & WAN acceleration

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Ansible Automation Platform logo

IT automation tool to manage configuration & deployment

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a cloud-based IT automation tool, which assists organizations with system configuration, software deployment, cloud provisioning, zero downtime rolling updates, and various other routine tasks.

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Amazon EC2 Spot logo

Web-based software for increasing Amazon EC2 capacity

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Amazon EC2 Spot is designed to help software developers increase the compute capacity in AWS Cloud and resize instances as per the business requirement. Organizations can utilize spot instances to launch, run, and maintain various fault-tolerant applications including big data, CI/CD, stateless web servers, API endpoints, analytics tools, and rendering workloads.

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Cycleops logo

Take a shortcut to DevOps success

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Cycleops is a Cloud Management Platform with tools that enable teams to automate DevOps processes like stack definition, deployment and monitoring for software applications. Automation setup for application lifecycle management is made easy, without writing a single line of code.

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Bytesafe logo

Source code and vulnerability management platform

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Bytesafe is a firewall for dependencies. Using the source code and vulnerability management platform, businesses can protect applications, stay in control and keep unwanted dependencies out of the organization.

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