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NetRef overview

What is NetRef?

NetRef is a school internet management solution which enables teachers to control student internet access in the classroom, across any device, platform, or network, including smartphones, Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, desktops, and more. Featuring real-time internet activity tracking, internet resource management, and browser lock-down functionality, NetRef aims to deliver a simple internet management solution that requires no downloads or IT knowledge.

NetRef’s internet management tools help teachers personalize student internet access, block inappropriate sites and apps, lock down testing websites, and keep students on track. Operating as an internet filter, NetRef enables users to allow, block or whitelist texting, social media, games, apps, web browsing, or any other online distractions. NetRef allows teachers to lock down any browser effectively without affecting global school or district internet use.

NetRef also supports legacy integration and user accountability, allowing teachers to see which students are connected to the network and adhering to the Acceptable Use policy. With internet reporting tools, NetRef helps users gain valuable insight into student, classroom and school internet activity. Real-time internet usage insight helps users make informed budgeting and instructional decisions. To maintain data security, usage reports are only accessible to educators with the appropriate access level.


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NetRef features

Assessment Management
Reporting & Statistics

API (178 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (203 other apps)
Activity Tracking (108 other apps)
Attendance Management (119 other apps)
Attendance Tracking (115 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (128 other apps)
Blended Learning (110 other apps)
Calendar Management (107 other apps)
Communication Management (149 other apps)
Content Management (122 other apps)
Course Authoring (143 other apps)
Customizable Branding (122 other apps)
Data Import/Export (119 other apps)
Learning Management (217 other apps)
Progress Reports (133 other apps)
Progress Tracking (144 other apps)
Self Service Portal (109 other apps)
Third Party Integration (145 other apps)

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Key features of NetRef

  • Blank student monitors
  • Website & application blocking
  • Student activity eligibility
  • Discipline management
  • Classroom internet management
  • School internet filtering
  • Browser lock-down
  • Web browsing, apps & texting whitelisting/blocking
  • Student device management
  • Accountability management
  • Legacy systems integration
  • Classroom internet monitoring
  • Student internet management
  • Individualized assessments
  • Permissions management
  • Real-time internet monitoring
  • Student access management
  • Student internet activity monitoring
  • District & school-wide internet usage reporting
  • Access control
  • Usage tracking
  • School internet & usage policies management
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NetRef allows teachers to manage and monitor student internet access across all devices, platforms and networks, including desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile.

Enables teachers to select and control what sites are allowed in their classroom at any given time, without IT help.

Teachers can lock down browsers, and allow or block apps, texting, social media, games, or any other online distraction.

NetRef enables teachers to see at-a-glance which students are connected to the network and adhering to the Acceptable Use policy.

NetRef's tracking and reporting capabilities help give users real-time insight into student, classroom and school internet activity.