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ThinkWave Educator Pricing

Starting from: $14.00/year

Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Free Trial: Available

Free Gradebook - ThinkWave Educator Basic is great for individual teachers who want a basic free gradebook.

Premium Gradebook - $49.95 / year - ThinkWave Educator Premium is for teachers who want a full-featured gradebook.

School Admin Software Plus Gradebooks: Scaling from - 1  to 15 students: $14 / mo or $149 / year to 421  to 550 students $299 / mo or $2999 / year.

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ThinkWave Educator Pricing Reviews


  • Thinkwave has been an outstanding addition to our summer program. Never before has communication with students and teacher been more seamless and effortless the with Thinkwave.Donnie H.Read the full review
  • Being able to show my students exactly what they need to do to pull them up to their desired grade is fantastic.George C.Read the full review
  • This software allows access to grades by teachers, admins, parents, and students alike. It makes keeping track of grades easy and hassle free, so inquiries about them can be answered swiftly.Aquirra RoEve L.Read the full review


  • Missing discounts the grade from the averaging entirely but makes you aware it is missing, and excused does the same.George C.Read the full review
  • Doing this for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 45 is rather obnoxious and takes up a lot of room in the drop down menu. The same goes when you try and make a check grade.George C.Read the full review
  • It needs improvements in the grade systems ASAP. Unfortunately, technical support is too poor.Benito M.Read the full review
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Grace C.

NO Customer Service

Reviewed 2015-11-10
Review Source: Capterra

I think this could be a good program. I was very excited about using it and very excited about the price. I purchased it and got help one day and now no one will call me and no one will answer emails. This stinks. I just need a few questions answered but instead my report cards are late because they will not call me. I have left my name and number all week and NOTHING. I;ve sent in an email and NOTHING!!!

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