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Udutu Course Authoring

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4.5/5 (14 reviews)

Udutu Course Authoring overview

Udutu Course Authoring is an eLearning course authoring tool which enables users to create interactive, engaging online training content with pre-designed templates, multimedia support, and SCORM compliance, plus PowerPoint upload and HTML5 publishing features. Offering a cloud-based solution, Udutu Course Authoring gives users the flexibility to create and manage online training anywhere, anytime from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Pre-designed templates allow users to create engaging course content quickly and efficiently, with interactions, game-like scenarios, and rich media presentations. Users can also add quizzes and assessments to their courses, alongside branching simulations and case-studies. Since Udutu Course Authoring supports multimedia content, users can integrate all major graphic, video and sound formats into their online courses. All courses are SCORM compliant, and integrate directly into any SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS).

To help users get their training online quickly, Udutu Course Authoring allows users to upload and convert their PowerPoint presentations into SCORM-compliant courses. With HTML5 publishing functionality, users can publish basic, advanced and interactive HTML5 templates, ensuring users can access all training content on the move from any internet-enabled device. As a collaborative multi-person, multi-location solution, Udutu Course Authoring aims to enhance course development time and engagement.


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Udutu Course Authoring screenshot: Preview course content before publishingHow To Publish Your Udutu Course | LMS and Content AuthoringUdutu Course Authoring screenshot: Create engaging eLearning content for internet-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devicesUdutu Course Authoring screenshot: Add, preview, and save new training courses Udutu Course Authoring screenshot: Preview a course as a learner would see itUdutu Course Authoring screenshot: Sign in securely in order to publish courses directly to Udutu LMS Udutu Course Authoring screenshot: Download training course content

Udutu Course Authoring reviews

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Dolly Myers

A lot of functinality for the price

Reviewed 2014-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

I came to Udutu with ZERO experience in creating an online course. I'm a retired English teacher and I just wanted a platform to offer some writing instruction for the students I tutor (in other words, I'm a very small fish in a very small pool). At first Uduto was not very intuitive to me, and I felt like the learning curve was steep, but I figure it out enough (within only about 2 weeks) how to make it do what I needed - therefore the simple, free version of the Online Course Authoring tool met my needs and helped me take my project from dream to reality. Yay Udutu.

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Anomaly + Remark

Reviewed 2016-03-02
Review Source: Capterra

Hello, In the lms.udutu.com with a learner access, I notice something that doesn't work. This concerns only the french interface. Go to « My training » tab, then choose an activity that has been already done. Therefore, clic on « Restart Activity ». At this time, you have to write « REPRENDRE ». But it doesn't work because instead of « REPRENDRE » we have to write this word in english « RETAKE » whereas this is the french version. Moreover, I tried to find in the lms a « preview » to see what the learner will see for all the process (lms + elearning) but I didn't find it. If actually it doesn't exist, I think it could be a good feature. Best regards, David BENOIST

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scott Hallman

Brilliant Learning Object Creator and Scenario builder (using it for our Medical university)

Reviewed 2014-08-11
Review Source: Capterra

It was a brilliant discovery to find UDUTU when I was asked to review possible E-learning Learning object creators and scenario builders for my University E-learning team. UDUTU does everything we need and more. It is even better than very expensive bought software like Captivate and Articulate. You can create your own theme, and then use the useful templates to build your interactive learning objects or even adaptive learning scenarios. Sky is the limit!. For the person who has basic IT skills but want to make complex learning objects or even take the next step up from a PowerPoint this does everything. Quickly add PowerPoints, quizzes, multimedia. Work on them as a group and when you have finished you can export to the VLE as scorm compliant packages. You can even upload previously authored scorms and re-edit them. Not many packages do this. The are so many cool features. This sets the bar high. I wish I had learned about it earlier

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Linda Willis

Udutu is a robust free authoring tool.

Reviewed 2014-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

Discovered Udutu several years ago when looking for an inexpensive authoring tool for our first online product, a sales skills tool. Being new to the arena, I was most impressed when the CEO, Roger Mundell, spent over an hour on the phone with me answering questions and explaining how Udutu could help us create our learning content. Its biggest advantage for us as newbies is its ease of use and intuitive design. I also like the number of tools it provides to jazz up content. The support is sometimes a bit iffy as it's forum based, but serious issues will get handled personally by senior tech reps and even the CEO. What more can a user ask? Although I'm sure some of the paid software out there would provide even more bells and whistles, we've found Udutu more than adequate for our needs. The fact they continue to offer it free is a huge benefit to small businesses such as ours who are just strrting out in the online learning world.

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The First to Review- CRC-DOL

Reviewed 2014-04-16
Review Source: Capterra

My first experience with Udutu was horrible because our computer system was not compatible with their program. But, since the newest updates that have been made with Udutu; like, where you can now upload your own powerpoint, pictures and make changes are so much easier. I was able to help 5 of my co-workers use this program from start to finish, because of all the new changes that has been made. I am really impressed that this program is offered for free. The customer service is one of the best that I have ever used when it comes to authoring courses. It doesn't matter if I email or call, they are always readily available to help out and teach you how to get the best use out of the program; and make sure your course looks like a course made by professionals.

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Udutu Course Authoring features

Assessment Management
Data Import/Export
Learning Management

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Additional information for Udutu Course Authoring

Key features of Udutu Course Authoring

  • Self-paced courses
  • Visual editing
  • PowerPoint conversion
  • Test creation
  • Course publishing
  • Content import/export
  • Learning management (LMS)
  • SCORM compliance
  • Multimedia support
  • HTML5 publishing
  • Gamification styled scenarios
  • Branching simulations
  • Quizzes & assessments
  • Collaborative solution
  • Preview functionality
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Udutu Course Authoring offers a cloud-based solution which allows users to create and manage online training courses from any internet-enabled desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet device.

All major video, sound and graphic multimedia formats can be integrated into online courses.

Users can add quizzes and assessments, as well as branching simulations and case studies, in order to create engaging course content.

All Udutu Course Authoring courses are SCORM compliant, and integrate directly into any SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS).

Multiple people in different locations can collaborate in real time, serving to enhance training development and engagement.