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X0PA AI Recruiter logo

AI-based recruitment and talent management SaaS platform

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X0PA AI Recruiter is an artificial-intelligence platform which assists recruitment & human resource teams with talent acquisition & candidate management. Features include a self service portal, online interviews, resource allocation, performance tracking, job posting, documentation & collaboration

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AI for Academia logo

Hiring platform used for institutes of higher education

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X0PA AI for Academia can be used as a platform to place students into graduate or internship programs. XOPA has a 2-way proprietary algorithm that accounts for students preferences and skills and uses that to best match them for jobs they are being considered for. Higher education facilities can also use this tool for admission hiring and scholarships as well.

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Kaleidoscope logo

Cloud-based scholarship and grant platform

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Kaleidoscope is a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to fund, design, administer, and host beautifully branded scholarship and grant programs. The platform uses leading technologies to deliver an end-to-end solution for organizations and connect them to our awards marketplace.

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Enquire logo

Powering you to do good, better

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Enquire Lifecycle Management software delivers full end-to-end management from assessment through to reporting. Enquire streamlines administrative tasks, improves access and transparency to information and reports on the impact of your organisation – powering you to do good, better.

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Kinobi logo

Student portfolio management software

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Kinobi provides a suite of solutions for higher education institutes to facilitate students' success. This includes a career services management system, mentoring software, a scholarship management system, student engagement management, a community service portal, and a global exchange portal.

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School and Student Services logo

School financial aid software

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School and Student Services is a financial aid solution that includes applicant management, award tracking and document verification. The applicant management module allows financial aid officers to manage the entire application process. From creating an account to applying for aid, applicants can use this module to keep track of their progress and ensure that all of their information is correct.

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