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Scholarship Management Software

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SurveyMonkey Apply logo

Collect, manage & review applications.

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SurveyMonkey Apply helps organizations to collect, manage and review any type of application or submission from one secure online portal.

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Electronic Form Solutions logo

Cloud-based form management tool for scholarships and grants

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Electronic Form Solutions is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations of all sizes create and manage applications for scholarships and grants. Staff members can utilize the page builder to create white-labeled forms, add custom fields, and collect required information.

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OpenWater logo

awards management platform. Scholarships, Grants. Abstracts

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OpenWater is a Washington, D.C. based Inc. 5000 company that works with associations through our Application and Review Cloud platform for awards, abstracts, grants, scholarships, and any other competitive review processes.

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Good Grants logo

The most flexible grantmaking solution on the market

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Good Grants is an internationalised grantmaking platform that helps small to medium-sized grantmakers around the world affordably accept, manage and fund good grant applications, their way.

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Scholarship Lifecycle Manager logo

Scholarship lifecycle manager (SLM)

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Foundant Scholarship Lifecycle Manager is an online solution for scholarship providers, with online eligibility quizzes, applications, renewals, and more

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RQ Awards logo

Application and Review Software

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RQ Awards is an all-in-one Application and Review software platform for streamlining and simplifying your entire program, designed for Awards, Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships, Mentorships, Volunteer Recruitment and more.

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STARS logo

Cloud based campus management solution

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STARS is a cloud based campus management solution which allows schools and colleges to maintain records and operational data for students and staff

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WizeHive logo

Dynamic grant & scholarship software to power your mission

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NextZen is the most dynamic platform for full lifecycle program management, supporting grantmakers and scholarship providers at mission-based organizations. Built to meet today’s and tomorrow's needs.

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Submittable logo

Launch, manage, and measure your social impact programs

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Submittable powers you with tools to launch, manage, measure, and grow social impact programs. From grants management to corporate social responsibility programs, partner with us to start making a difference, fast. With a smarter, more efficient workflow, make better decisions and bigger impact.

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SmarterSelect logo

Award More. Work Less. Online Applicant Management System.

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Award More.
Work Less.

SmarterSelect is an online application management solution for scholarship, award, and grant providers to collect, analyze and evaluate online applications. We help organizations to award more and to work less.

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Users also considered logo

The best way to accept, review and manage online submissions

learn more is a cloud-based software solution which streamlines the collection, management and evaluation of online submissions. has provided solutions for leading organisations in; academia, awards, field operations, grant management, human resources and TV talent casting.

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Evalato logo

Empower your awards and other programs.

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Evalato helps you run effective awards programs and grow your community.

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InfoReady logo

InfoReady makes your work life better

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InfoReady is used across campuses of universities and colleges, and at hospitals, to handle applications for limited submission grants, internal and seed funding, pilot grants, prizes, fellowships, scholarships, administrative approvals, awards, nominations and much more.

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FACTS logo

Scholarship management software for private schools

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FACTS is a scholarship management software that helps private and faith-based schools consolidate student information, manage enrollment processes, and handle financial aid assessment services. It enables teachers to create custom lesson plans, record attendance, and review student report cards.

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Optimy logo

SaaS solution for grants, sponsorship and CSR professionals.

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Optimy is an all-in-one, easily configurable social impact management solution that helps sponsorship, partnership, CSR, grants, and community investment professionals improve their performance across the entire lifecycle of a project and amplify their social and business impact.

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Untap Compete logo

Competition management platform

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Untap is a competition management platform that enables innovation-driven organizations to tap into
the power of open innovation. Use Untap to plan, launch, manage, and assess open innovation programs including competitions, startup programs, and hackathons.

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Embark Campus logo

Embark helps people apply to colleges, fellowships, and more

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Embark is a web-based, integrated admissions management and applicant tracking system that helps schools, universities, music organizations and fellowship programs run effectively.

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AwardSpring logo

Cloud-based scholarship management tool for administrators.

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AwardSpring is a cloud-based scholarship management platform, which helps small to large educational institutions streamline application management, donor engagement, fund utilization, and more. The software provides various features including custom forms, applicant portal, single sign-on (SSO) environment, reporting, data import/export, pre-made templates, budget calculation, and digital scorecards.

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Blackbaud Award Management logo

Scholarship management and donor reporting for universities

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Blackbaud Award Management (formerly AcademicWorks) is a web-based scholarship management & donor reporting solution which assists schools, colleges and universities with applicant tracking & communication. Key features include forms management, student portal, financial aid management & reporting.

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DSRAZOR for Windows logo

Reporting for Active Directory and Windows File System

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DSRAZOR for Windows is an Active Directory management, reporting and administration tool. It can be used by IT professionals to audit file system permissions, group membership, OUs and organizational units within an Active Directory environment. DSRAZOR also provides printable reports from these audits in Microsoft excel format.

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Reviewr logo

Application submission management software

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Reviewr is an online application submission management software used to power awards, grants, scholarships, and more from start to finish.

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CommunityForce Scholarship Management Solution logo

Scholarship management software

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CommunityForce is a scholarship management software which enables universities & colleges to manage application reviewing, matching, and awarding processes

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Full Fabric logo

Admit and enroll students at scale

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Full Fabric helps higher ed institutions attract, recruit and enroll students at scale.

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Impactfully logo

Innovative cloud tools for philanthropy.

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Foundation Source empowers people and companies to create a better world through philanthropy. They make giving easier for more than 2,000 private foundations with innovative technology backed by philanthropic expertise.

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Learning and education management software for schools

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EMS (Education Management Software) for the complete management of schools, universities or entities providing education or training.

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