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Aspire Automation Finder

Robotic process automation powered by AI and ML

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Aspire Automation Finder overview

What is Aspire Automation Finder?

Aspire Automation Finder is a robotic process automation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate processes to enhance ROI (return on investment). The cloud-based solution helps businesses to identify workflows that have the most automation potential by tracking employee behavior such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, field entries, applications used, websites visited, and more.

With Aspire Automation Finder, businesses can analyze employee behavior, identify automation-ready processes, and transform these processes into automated workflows with the click of a button. The Aspire Process Discovery Engine within the platform converts employee usage data into chronological sequences in order to identify behavioral patterns and automate these processes. The dashboard provides users with a range of reports to highlight which processes have the most potential for automation and how these automations could improve ROI.


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Aspire Automation Finder features

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