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What is Farrago?

Farrago artificial intelligence (AI) uses machine learning and teams of virtual data scientists, engineers, and computer scientists to filter, sort, and analyze new and existing data sets to generate predictive analytics and intelligence for decision making.

Farrago conducts pre-processing on imported data sets to ensure they are in a readable, tabular format for analysis. The AI functionality analyzes large and complex data sets for prediction potential, including what questions can be answered from the data. Farrago then generates reports presenting what is required to make the data more functional for the desired prediction models. Once the data is transformed, it is also used to continuously train and improve the accuracy and capabilities of the prediction models of machine learning and AI.

Farrago can be integrated with third party software such as AWS and Sage Accounting to import cloud-based data sets of any size.


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Very good
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Supun Amarasinghe

Amazing assistant with the emerging technology

Used weekly for free trial
Reviewed 2020-01-01
Review Source: Capterra

Farrago is great cloud based software which can be replaced to Data Scientists and Software Engineers.As a current user, I hope a price reduction and a more robustness in next stable updated version.Overall Im very satisfied with this Intelligence tool and I can recommend it to the new user.

Farrago is a good option to take an insight about our businesses.Farrago AI is very simple to the users than other cloud based prediction softwares. Even from the GUI the simplicity of the system will be confirmed and the procedure is also very simple than other cloud based predictive intelligence softwares. Farrago provides Some free libraries and community resources along with the software and it a relief to the user and it saves extra costs.

Farrago is still implementing, it's a successful software. The cost is not too light to some users.If it gives an extra cost reduction to the users.Specially, It will be great to small organizations.

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