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Veritone Automate Studio

(AI)-enabled robotic process automation software

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Veritone Automate Studio overview

What is Veritone Automate Studio?

Veritone Automate Studio is a robotic process automation software designed to help organizations create and deploy artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled workflows via a unified platform. IT teams can use the application to conduct sentiment analysis and transform audio, video, and textual data into actionable intelligence.

It enables software developers to ingest, index, extract, and export business data to various external business process automation (BPA), robotic process automation (RPA), and other systems. Veritone Automate Studio offers a variety of features such as keyword extraction, content classification, natural language processing (NLP), data synchronization, analytics, optical character recognition, and more. The application allows IT professionals to leverage AI technology to detect anomalies, manage customer engagement, and gain insights into unstructured data sources.

Veritone Automate Studio lets managers preconfigure rules for streamlining content ingestion operations and automatically extract key information from emails and web pages. It also helps administrators generate custom reports, track projects, and automate voice recognition, transcription, and translation processes.


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Veritone Automate Studio features

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