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Process optimization software via machine learning

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HALerium software is for process optimization. The AI-driven procedure analyzes ongoing processes through machine learning. The inclusion of process data and knowledge input from experts contributes to statistically sound forecasts.

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NICE Robotic Automation


Cloud-based robotic process automation solution

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NICE Robotic Automation is a cloud-based suite designed to help businesses streamline and automate tasks, from process development to deployment. It comes with an automation finder module, which lets users utilize cognitive technologies to identify processes with ROI opportunities.

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Process automation solution for managing communications

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NOVO CxP is a robotic process automation (RPA) solution, which helps businesses manage information exchange across emails, social networks, mobile applications, and other channels. The AI technology assists enterprises with implementing data conversion processes and self-learning content analysis.

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Smart Roby


Smart Automation finally available !

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Turnkey solution that helps businesses with process automation, analysis and scheduling on a centralized dashboard.

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XpertRule Workflow Automation


Intelligent automation made simple

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Automation software that helps businesses leverage AI technology and intelligent automation tools to facilitate decision-making processes across the organization.

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Y Meadows


Customer service and journey management platform

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Y Meadows helps enterprises serve their customers, employees, and partners, faster and more effectively than ever before using AI and custom NLP models to automate routine and customer support tasks.

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