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HedgeGuard overview

HedgeGuard is a portfolio management software designed for asset managers. Offering a front-to-back software solution, HedgeGuard features position keeping technology and reporting capabilities alongside order management, risk management, and compliance management tools. HedgeGuard also supports additional services including middle-office outsourcing and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

HedgeGuard’s position keeping tools enable users to calculate their fund’s net asset value as well as manage their exposure and track their profit and loss (P&L) in real time. HedgeGuard’s position keeping tools include an online investment book of records, real-time exposure calculations, and shadow NAV (Net Asset Valuation) for multi-share class funds. With customizable portfolio views, users can organize their portfolio according to strategy, sector or asset class.

HedgeGuard’s order management system allows users to manage orders across several funds at the same time. With HedgeGuard’s order management capabilities, users can also create and route orders through Bloomberg EMSX, manage pre-trade and post-trade compliance checks, plus facilitate order simulation and multi-portfolio modeling. Real-time risk management technology including risk reports and stress-tests allow users to monitor and evaluate portfolio risks like VaR (value at risk).

Incorporating multi-level audit functionality and a customizable compliance rule builder, HedgeGuard enables users to determine the rules of their fund, while ensuring that users meet the requirements of financial regulators. HedgeGuard’s reporting module allows users to create and present accurate information to regulators and investors.


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HedgeGuard screenshot: Perform regular reconciliations to match assets and cash between custodian banks, administrators and the management companyHedgeguard | Portfolio Management Software | Middle Office Services | Cloud Technology

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HedgeGuard features

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Additional information for HedgeGuard

Key features of HedgeGuard

  • Investor reporting
  • Custom query support
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Automated execution
  • Exposures management
  • Shadow NAV for multi-share class funds
  • Customizable portfolio views
  • Portfolio aggregation
  • Portfolio drill-down capabilities
  • Order allocation management
  • Multi-portfolio modeling
  • Stress-tests
  • Trade simulation
  • Customisable compliance rule builder
  • Compliance checks on a pre-trade & post-trade mode
  • Real-time contribution analysis
  • Multi-level audit functionality
  • Reconciliations
  • Compliance management
  • Order management
  • Portfolio management
  • Real-time data
  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time notifications
  • Investment book of records management
  • Risk management
  • Reporting templates
  • P&L tracking
  • Application security
  • Real-time alerts
  • Profit / loss calculation
  • Risk monitoring
  • Order routing through Bloomberg EMSX
  • Risk reports
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Performance analysis
  • Order simulation
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Manage exposures, track profit & loss, and calculate the fund’s net asset value in real-time using HedgeGuard’s position keeping tools such as the investment book of records and automated exposure calculations.

Generate risk reports or run stress-tests in order to monitor portfolio risks accurately and effectively.

Manage orders across several funds at the same time using HedgeGuard’s fully-integrated order management system.

Users can determine the rules framework of their fund using HedgeGuard’s customizable compliance rule builder.

Consolidate and present important information to regulators and investors with HedgeGuard's reporting capabilities.