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DebtBook logo

Cloud-based software for debt and lease management

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DebtBook enables governments, higher education, and healthcare to simplify and improve debt and lease management and implement and ensure ongoing compliance with GASB-87.

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Cirrus8 logo

Simplify commercial property management

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Cirrus8 is a commercial property management solution that caters to property managers, real estate owners, trust accountants, and facilities managers. The cloud-based platform enables businesses to streamline workflows, prepare budgets, and track work status in real-time.

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Trullion logo

AI-Powered Accounting Platform

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Trullion is the world's first and only AI-powered lease accounting software. CFOs, Accounting Teams, and Auditors can leverage AI to minimize risk, enhance compliance, and increase efficiency.

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Nomos One logo

Lease accounting and lease management software

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Nomos One is your effortless lease accounting and lease management software solution to help you achieve IFRS 16 compliance.

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Rentastic logo

Track income and expenses for all your properties.

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Rentastic helps you manage rental properties, track expenses, and stay organized with tools accessible both on mobile and desktop. Add your properties to pricing, financial, and property details, and categorize your financial data by linking your bank accounts to easily match them to properties.

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EZLease logo

Fast, simple lease accounting and compliance

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EZLease provides fast, simple, lease accounting software for ASC 842, GASB 87, GASB 96 and IFRS 16 that ensures long-term compliance for lessees and lessors across equipment and real estate assets.

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PayProp logo

Property management software

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PayProp’s end to end rental payment platform frees property managers up with real time to concentrate on their important daily responsibilities and tasks.

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Nakisa Real Estate logo

Enterprise-grade commercial real estate (CRE) software

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Built by and for commercial real estate teams with 500+ lease portfolios, NRE is a cloud-native solution with ERP integrations to streamline commercial real estate day-to-day operations.

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LeaseCrunch logo

The Easiest Lease Accounting Software on the Market.

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LeaseCrunch is an easy-to-use solution that addresses the biggest challenges of the new lease standard while automating the required deliverables. The software is compliant with ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87 and GASB 96 and cost-effective even for a single lease.

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Nakisa Lease Administration logo

Lease management & accounting for ASC 842 IFRS 16 compliance

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Nakisa Lease Administration (NLA) is an end-to-end lease management and accounting software for ASC 842 & IFRS 16 compliance. NLA helps businesses with 1000+ contract portfolios manage leases, asset casualties, lease standardization and measurement while integrating with multiple ERPs (SAP & Oracle)

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Lease Insight logo

Lease Insight, a lease management software used worldwide

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Lease Insight is designed to allow CFOs to integrate the impact of ASC 842 into their financial strategy; and to allow CPAs to deal efficiently with the production of financial statements for their clients. It's a simple and powerful solution adopted by companies of all sizes across all industries.

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Tenant logo

Cloud-based self storage solution

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Tenant offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences for self-storage businesses of all sizes. The platform is modular, allowing businesses to select the specific tools that best suit their needs.

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AMTdirect logo

Lease Accounting Compliance Made Easy

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AMTdirect is the ultimate lease accounting & administration solution. Ensure compliance with FASB ASC 842 and get a free demo today!

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IRIS Lease Accounting logo

Lease accounting software that automates compliance

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IRIS Lease Accounting makes it easier and faster to achieve ASC 842 compliance. It is designed to transform leasing processes, centralize lease data across a whole organization, and automate compliance with the latest lease accounting standards.

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LeaseEagle logo

Cloud-based lease management solution

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LeaseEagle is a cloud-based real estate asset management solution designed specifically for tenants which allows users to improve efficiency, control and accuracy over their property portfolios.

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IFRS 16 logo

Lease Management

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Financial reporting software that maintains IFRS 16 compliance

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ZenTreasury Lease accounting logo

Cloud-based lease accounting & portfolio management software

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ZenTreasury Lease Accounting Software is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage financial payments, auditing, foreign exchange transactions, and more. It allows organizations to automate lease operations, validate IFRS 16 calculations, and track currency prices or term changes.

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Black Owl logo

Lease accounting software for the financial sector

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Black Owl is a lease accounting software that helps businesses in the financial sector record, reconcile, and manage leases. The platform enables managers to ensure compliance in accordance with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 standards.

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Nuvolo logo

Integrated workplace management system

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Nuvolo Connected Workplace is a global leader in CMMS & IWMS solutions, built on NOW. Work together on a single platform, share data across groups, solve problems faster and collaborate as one team. Nuvolo is the go-to software for organizations that demand modern, mobile-first facility management.

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SOFT4Lessee logo

Software for lease accounting and lease contracts management

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SOFT4Lessee is a lease accounting platform designed to help businesses manage their lease contracts and accounting whilst also transitioning and adhering to the accounting standards ASC 842/ IFRS 16/ AASB 16. It helps businesses to remain compliant and ensure requirements are met.

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Quanto logo

Make your company more Dynamic, Innovative, Efficient

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Quanto® is a software in the cloud that allows financial institutions to automate their processes, improve their productivity and achieve their strategic objectives

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iLeasePro logo

Cloud ASC 842 Lease Accounting Solution for the mid-market

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iLeasePro is a cloud based lease management and lease accounting software that helps mid-market companies comply with the FASB ASC 842 lease accounting changes and manage the lease lifecycle of both real estate and equipment leases.

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Hubler logo

Business process management and robotic process automation

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Hubler is a cloud-based no-code application development platform that allows businesses across industries to manage, digitize, & automate their processes. Real-time data sync provides an accurate and up-to-date overview of business processes at any time.

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Cradle logo

Lease Accounting Done Right

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Cradle is a cloud-based SaaS lease accounting solution. Cradle automates your financial reporting requirements.

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Lease Harbor logo

The best lease accounting software solution on the planet.

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Three robust, fully integrated areas of functionality — lease accounting, data management & lease administration, and task management & workflow. 100% web-based, easy to use, flexible, and secure, our system provides an intuitive interface offering simplicity, without sacrificing advanced features.

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