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Lockbox LIMS

Configurable LIMS solution for lab technicians

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Lockbox LIMS overview

Lockbox LIMS is a configurable LIMS (laboratory information management solution) for laboratories within research and analytical/QC fields. The cloud-based platform offers features for sample tracking, storage management, protocol execution, inventory management, and next gen sequencing (NGS). Lockbox LIMS also provides a self-service customer portal to allow clients to submit samples electronically, and track their request status in real time.

The sample tracking module within Lockbox LIMS provides lab technicians with tools to ensure the quality and security of samples. Samples can be managed from end-to-end, with features for importing sample entries in bulk, sample status tracking, barcode scanning for samples, creation of child aliquot records for tracking, unique sample name creation, and more. Barcode labels can be added to samples for ease of identification and scanned when organizing or moving samples or other inventory. Lockbox LMS also facilitates storage of samples and related data, freeze/thaw cycle tracking, and audit trails for each individual sample.

Lockbox LIMS can also be used to configure and manage freezers within labs, track which inventory is stored where, input and oversee protocols, configure workflows, and manage NGS projects. The self-service customer portal allows clients to make electronic submissions for samples and track the status of their requests in real time.


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Lockbox LIMS screenshot: Customers can make submissions online through the self service portalLockbox LIMS Suite IntroductionLockbox LIMS screenshot: Use Lockbox LIMS to track samples, inventory, publications, instruments, and more with the lab environment

Lockbox LIMS reviews


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Ryan Carris

Lockbox LIMS for Drug Compound Lifecycle Management

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-29
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Lockbox LIMS for over a year and a half at our therapeutics company to manage the lifecycle of our drug compounds and therapeutic programs, and we couldn't be happier. We use Lockbox to track all of our samples, including sample attributes, storage locations, and sample lineage (derived samples and aliquots). The sample and storage management modules are feature-rich, flexible, and easy to use. I was able to implement the system for our lab without any assistance from my IT department, which tells you how easy it is to install. The customer support has been excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend Lockbox to any research lab, QC lab, or other type of organization that needs a LIMS.Ease of use and implementation, flexibility, customer service.

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Sergio Poli

Use of Lockbox as a LIMS sytem in BWh

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-06
Review Source: Capterra

We have tried several LIMS systems, and Lockbox is by far the best one. Its simple, affordable, user-friendly, and have good graphic inter phase. We were able to pick it up from the beginning. Also, the customer support is amazing, they are always responisve and make follow ups on every query. The team is always implementing upgrades and finding ways to make us, the customers, happier.

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Lockbox LIMS features

Client Portal
HIPAA Compliance

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Additional information for Lockbox LIMS

Key features of Lockbox LIMS

  • Certificates of analysis
  • Client portal
  • Data analysis auditing
  • Data import / export
  • EMR interface
  • Inventory management
  • Lab instrument interface
  • Lab management
  • Multi-location printing
  • Next gen sequencing (NGS)
  • Online instrumentation
  • Physician test panels
  • Procedure-based billing
  • Protocol execution
  • Sample tracking
  • Specification management
  • Storage management
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Track lab samples with tools for importing sample data, custom indicators to track sample status, creation of sample records, full audit history, and more.

Configure a freezer management system with the ability to create custom layouts, label freezers, organize equipment, and track what is stored in each freezer.

Manage inventory and track items in real time. Lockbox LIMS facilitates barcode scanning to track inventory location and numbers, as well as expiration notifications.

Setup unique protocols for each lab and generate workflows to ensure these protocols are met.

Configure Lockbox LIMS to each business with support for a range of compliance requirements, translation capabilities, and integrations with third party tools through APIs.